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about to loose my job mortgage needs paying - any advice please!


due to the fact ive been off work and in hospital since feb my boss now wants to sack me through ill health grounds. I was hoping to go back to work in the new year albeit part time but unfortunatly this may not happen. Ive not been paid anything from work since july but took a 3 month payment break on my mortgage. Im supposed to be paying it again next month but still have no income. Ive claimed for DLA and incapacity benefit ive also tried my luck with tax credits and income support but sent the forms off last month and have heard nothing yet. Im entitled to direct payments which im gonna talk to my care coordinator about but was wondering if anyone had any advice or if anyone has been in a similar situation before. Im getting kinda desparate now and have borrowed as much as i can from my parents. Thanks for your help KitKat Xx

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Hi there sorry to hear your health has prevented you from working. I've had similar problems recently due to my asthma. I am currntley awaiting early retirement. I owned a flat through mortgage and when my wages were cut due to my inability to work (am lucky enough to get sick pay) I found myself struggling to pay which resulted in me selling and moving into rented accomodation :( You can get help with rented homes but not mortgaged. I went to the citizens advice who worked out my finances with me and gave me information on where to get further help and any benefits i may be entitled too. They were very helpfull. I too claim incpacity and dla and they both take a while to come through, but they do back pay. Sorry I've not been much help, but I hope you get things sorted. Not sure about being sacked for ill health either but the citizens advice will be helpfull there also.


If you have to get Income Support, they will, also pay the interest on your mortgage, but none of the capital, that is down to you.



I'm pretty certain your employer can't sack you on grounds of ill health, but may ask you to resign on that basis.

I think first off with any debt problems, be honest about it. The sooner you come clean about what is going on the quicker you can get help. Let your mortgage company know what is going on. Secondly there are organisations that can help give advice to people in financial difficulty, citizens advice, Consumer Credit Counselling Service, Debtline or even Payplan. All organisations that give free advice and assistance to help you. The sooner you set the wheels in motion the quicker you can have a solution in place.

If your boss cant pay you for being off sick, I think your entitled to statutory sick may need to look into that. Have you got a human resources department you can contact? they should be au fait with what your entitled to from your employer etc.


Hi Kit Kat

sorry to here your having a rough time i totally no what your going through apart from the morgage bit!!

I have brittle asthma and bronciectasis and spend up to 2 weeks out of every month in hospital on iv's and on a ventilator in itu.. I did work up untill 2 years ago for a company i was there for 7 years but after about 5 years of being there my health took a turn for the worse and thats when my admissions began to spiral out of control and i was being admitted alot. the time i had of sick was always spent in hospital and on ocassions i even turned up to work ill for fear of loosing my job.. i was redeployed to another department at first which i worked for a year but this didnt really make any differance although work wasn't making me ill they kept reminding me they were finding it increasingly difficult to cover my shifts .. to cut a long story short i was told by a lot of people that i could not be sacked because of my heath and that i had disability rights .. but eventually they did and i lost my job , i was unable to pay my rent and bills it took a long time to fill out benefit forms and recieve a reply but at long last they did evenyually get back to me my benefits are based on just me as a single person living alone in rented accomadation. but now i get incapacity benefit with severe disablement premium. DLA middle rate carer and higher rate mobility. i did also recieve income support but this was stopped after i eventually recieved a pension that i had payed into for years from my old employer. it did take a while but im eventually sorted with the help of my family and very good friends. i do hope you manage to get it sorted it really isn't a nice position to be in and the stress your going through wont be helping your asthma.. keep on at them lots of phone calls to benefits people to hurry them along i found my self doing!! also get in touch with the disability advice help line they give me some good info. x


DIAL UK, are an organisation who are there to support anyone with disability. This can be with welfare benefit information and filling the forms in for you to rights in the work place as a disabled person. Have found my local one very good in past. Have looked them up on line, and there are several offices in yorkshire.


Thank you everyone for your advice and help - im finding this an intensly difficult and stressful time which of course is not helping the old chest much!!! If anyone else has any different info to that already on here please add it as anything helps. I will of course be spending tomorrow on the phone to various organisations - didnt take payment protection on mortgage as wouldnt have been covered for the asthma or hypoadrenalism as they were pre existing conditions so i couldnt see the point - as an extra point does anyone know of any insurance companies who do cover for existing medical conditions i dont really mind paying more for a premium if i know im covered!!!???

Thanks again guys your responses are very gratefully received! Thanks Kat Xx


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