New to forum and wanted to ask a few q's

Hi all,

Ive had asthma since i was a baby/toddler, and it was always mild-moderate. When i turned 13 and started to do my Duke of Edinburgh award it became a little bit more tricky to control and was classed as severe/brittle. ever since completing my A'levels 9 years ago its been classed as brittle.

Ive been on a constant regime of preventors, protectors, long and short acting relievers (either via inhaler or as over the last 2 years via nebulizer) montelukast and steroids for approximatly 8 years. The prednisolone dosage varies from nothing up to 60mg and anything in between!!!

Since early march this year ive only spent nearly 5 weeks at home and the rest of this time has been spent in hospital going from respiratory ward to HDU/ICU when i was very very unwell.

I wanted to ask if anyone else struggled to find triggers for their asthma exacerbations as apart from being a little stressed out there is no obvious cause to mine.

And my new medication regime does frighten me a little as im currently taking four regular atrovent and salbutamol nebs during the day. I was told i could take up to 4 extra salbutamol nebs before i needed to be re-admitted to hospital. I spoke to my GP recently about my concern and she sort of shared it as due to my asthma being brittle the last 3 times ive needed emergency treatment the A+E docs have told me not to push my luck by leaving it to get that bad, and Ive ended up on either HDU or ICU each time. I absolutly hate it on HDU/ICU and would do anything to avoid it but, find it difficult to time it right, getting help at the right time without going too early and wasting dr's time or getting there late and ending up in hospital for longer!! - Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Sorry for the ramblings but thankyou Kit-kat

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  • Have only got 5mins will try to post more later but -

    In my experience if you think even think you might need to go to A+E go anyway. Dr's would rather you turned up ten times in A+E too early than once too late. I was on 4 nebs a day for years but had really clear instructions on at what point i was to seek help.

    I think you should go back and ask your consultant for a written protocol of when exactly to go in but until then follow the golden rule. If in doubt go!

  • im new 2

    this site is v supporting

  • im new 2

    this site is v supporting

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