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I have been off work for a while after suffering a chest infection, it has taken a while to get my Asthma more settled but I have returned to work this week doing 4 hours 1pm to 5pm, the rest of the day is classed as sick. However the humidity in my office is currently 15% in the morning and 21% in the afternoon, this humidity triggers my asthma. I have been to Occupational Health and they have highlighted concerns regarding the humidity but I havent seen a copy as yet. Next week my boss wants me to return to my normal hours starting at 9 but that means working in humidity which is dangerous to my health. Any advice?

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Do you mind elaborating on your work environment please?? Big office, little office?

I am uing a dehumidifier at the mo, cos house damp, and have found that works.

If you are in a small office environment a dehumidifier would help.... if you are working in a tropical plant house ( Kew!!) it won't!

Can they provide a dehumidifier for you??



humidity is a funny thing, I find anything less than 60% is a real problem, currently have a humidifier near me and the humidistat read 77%, if it's too low then i get a sore throat, and wonder if you work in an office if the heat from the computers dries the air out too much, also how about aircon? that can cause problems for some.


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