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Hi all

I was diagnosed with 'severe' Asthma on Friday. For some time now (and I mean a number of years), I have had wheezing on and off now and again but the past few months the wheezing had got worse and I have had a cough so I finally went to my Doctor, did a two week peak flow reading and had spiromatory tests on Friday where I was told I was asthmatic. I have been prescribed the brown preventer inhaler as well as the blue reliever. I was also prescribed steroid tablets and antibiotics.

I think the preventer has helped already, although I appreciate it takes a little while to 'kick in' but the past week I have been getting very breathless when walking and I have woken up a few times with a very tight chest which has panicked me (although this was before I had my inhalers). The reliever certainly helps.

This is all very new to me. I have and still do suffer with nasal polyps and had an operation to remoeve then 6 years ago and I was asked at that point if I was asthmatic as I believe they are often attributed to people with asthma.

This website has been invaluable for information and I see that it is a great support to many. I shall be referring to the site for information and guidance regularly I think.

Was just popping by to say 'hello' to you all and will no doubt 'speak' to you all at some point.

Take care.


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Welcome dabberdabberdo,

its a lovely forum and best thing I ever did was to join ,

love glynis xxxx


Hello, welcome to this really useful website and forum. I was diagnosed relatively recently (in the last 2 years) but my doctor told me today my asthma was ""out of control"". I have moved up on to Seretide as a preventer (purple inhaler) instead of the brown one. First dose of it today and its made me a bit shaky, but I expect I will get used to it and the doc says it will really help. My chest was more wheezy today than when he listened than a couple of weeks ago when I had a lingering (3 month) chest infection, and peak flow is normal, frustratingly for the doctor. X Ray came back normal too so he's a bit confused. I don't think we have a dedicated asthma specialist doctor or nurse at our surgery and I had to beg for an appointment today as I was told they were fully booked. But at least he takes an interest and has made another appointment for the end of August to check on me. I am really bad at remembering to take inhalers so must do better on that score. You really can get some really good advice and reassurance on the forum, I have a read every day at some point!


welcome to the forum,i look forward to talking to you. You'll find lots of friendly people and good advice when you need it. The preventer takes 2 weeks to kick in, so it will take a while to notice the effects.



welcome to the forum :)

hope u find the forum and boards and website both supportive and informative :)



Hi Jane, Welcome to the forum. Lots of useful information in the 'All About Asthma' (lime green box at top of the page) and nice people on the forum. Hope things improve for you.


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