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Montelukast: Increased thirst as a side effect

Just got my blood test results and got the all clear for diabetes as my blood glucose came in at 4.7 im so so so relieved that is normal and good to get some good news too on health stuff! Butnow intrigued at whats causing my thirst and then the peeing. I had a look on here and found topic where someone had mentioned that montelkast had this effect on them, has anyone else experienced this as im really really annoyed with the extreme thirst issue and the loo breaks. Could this be montelukast, I still have to see my GP and get the full ok from them - maybe its low potassium.

i hate my bizarre asthma and bizarre side effects too. its almost as thought the asthma has calmed down and this thirst thing!

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I tend to drink lots but awaiting more blood tests as

when in hosp 2 weeks ago they found a problem in my blood.

The hosp said the doc has got retest my blood and hosp said if the same

will have to go to a kidney specialist.

Not to worried as on lots of meds and must be due to that.

MY inhalers make me thirsty all the time.

love Glynis x


have you tried sucking a sweet or something rather than drinking? It'll send you to the loo less! You should drink between 2 and 2.5 litres of liquid a day, from what you said on your last post, you were having lots more weren't you? Good to hear you're clear of diabetes anyway.


oh yeah im still passing 3 liters i think. Im so relieved they said the word normal as im growing frustrated with the asthma and didnt even want to think of anything else. I need to gradually ditch the water and shift to sweets like you said.

im trying to pin it to something in taking for the asthma but im not willing to ditch anything as i have my right combo after such a long wait. surely you cant you damaged to yourself by drinking a lot of water..can you?

Thanks Glynis - i think its something that i cant avoid to take that makes me thirsty all the time and its really good feeling as i dont have anything more sinister than just the asthma.


how many days to get a blood test report - hold on a minute that was quick for results!?!

i just thought I had the blood test done on the 16th and got the results in today at the doctors surgery and not at a hospital - how long do they take to come through roughly? (hope the lady didnt read an old one off the system?!? - wouldnt put it past my surgery!)


Re blood tests

The dr tells u a week as it depends on workload of labs and time taken for delivery of specimen. This is a rough estimate. I Got blood done last wednesday and results where at gp on Friday.


hi gussypoo,

im just surprised that it was that quick, they lost some reports from A&E and they never appeared again. if i didnt find this good doctor i would have switched ages ago as a lot of things have happened to make me loose that trust.




I wAs getting bloods done every 6 months to test for diabetes.( Fasting blood sugars) due long term prednisolone and excessive drinking. The results never took more than a week. When u get a good dr hang on to them. Wee niggles are worth tolerating if the dr is good.


i still suspicious.

i know that - took me so long to get a good gp! im still oddly curious and suspicious as when i had an a&E blip i ate a chocolate (ok a few from a box) when the paramedics were round they said it was 7. the day before the blood test it was the birthday of a friend at work and i stuffed my face with chocs and junk food completly forgetting the blood test the next day and went along thinking im a daft cow i'll never get accurate blood glucose results now...but then it came in way lower at 4.7.

im not going to investigate further but i still have this crazy thirst and im still running to the loo. Guess its harmless after all (as was all that chocolate!)


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