complimentary therapy- what else is there?


need some advice. i'm desperately trying to prevent another flare up.

I went back to pranayama but that's kinda kicked it off a bit. i have a different teacher this time and its made my rib ache like crazy. Then there is the buteyko which did nothing for me but aggravate my sinus problem to infection stage. so i'm wondering what are else is there that i can add? i'm thinking to add tai chi.

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  • Tail Chi could be worth a try, I've done a pilates, yoga, tai chi, alexander technique fusion before and they all complement each other very well.

    How about just good old fashion swimming, in breath and slow out breath while face is in the water. Doesn't need to be fast or far, unlike me doing 3.5km last night.

  • Vitamin D3

    Give up wheat

    Vitamin D3

    Give up wheat

    Vitamin D3

    Give up wheat

    Vitamin D3

    Give up wheat

    Vitamin D3

    Give up wheat

    Vitamin D3

    Give up wheat

    OK, I am biased.

  • Hi

    bob - done already.

    Woody - havent thought about swimming though..

    i actually think ive injured majority of the muscels in my upper body throughout all the bouts of asthma flare ups. Ive become a right sucker for advertising and ordered the kettleworx kit as i saw the teleshopping thing and thought that looks great for an upperbody work out (and the rest too!)

    Im going to get a DVD this time and do what I can at the comfort of my own house dont think its good to go to a mass class as i sit out half the time when i spot something that is bad for me just now!

  • Does gluten free diet actually make a difference? I love swimmin just need to remember to take my inhaler before hand. I find it fantastic cause i have hip problems so it helps that too.

  • I would love to swim again but my lungs are super crap at the moment. Last flare up happened after swimming, that was March and still struggling, cant even walk to local shops. I'm not allowed to take vitamins of any sort as I'm having treatment for another condition and vitamins are a no no. Had chiropractic treatment and accupunture this week and still struggling. I do know how you feel, I eat well but I'm struggling.

  • hi rattles,

    i know im running out of idea's i also have the weird symptoms going on and all my joints are aching and the tend to click when i walk around anywhere. when out today to shop for excercise stuff and had a severe dizzy episode had to stop and sit for a while and then start again - things have got to change im only 28!

    got a another check up on monday - debating if i should really tell my gp whats going on do i really want another round of

  • It's so frustrating, I love walking so I still walk but a lot slower, doesn't get rid of the weight that way.I'm back on the diet tomorrow so will be in a bad mood. I ache too, lungs are still the worst ache.

    It's best to be honest with the doc as your only delaying the process and may end up on more meds, have learn't this the hard way

    Hope you start to feel better soon, it just feels never ending.

    Take care


  • i know i just feel like im going back and fourth so much. i felt really upbeat last time i went as there was a big leap in progress and now its like i took a fifty steps back - oh its the rip ache kate thats driving me insane.

    i cant sit still for a few moments my ribs, shoulders, neck and jaw starts aching like hell once i move around a bit and a few joints click im ok. Its so annoying as people look over on the tube (on the way to work) as im twitching and moving around so much.

    I am going to confess and let the doctor know everything thats going on but im starting to think this has a lot to do with my activity level going to zero. Im hoping that If i can lose some weight i hope this makes a difference.

  • It's worth being honest. I felt loads better today, so me and hubby went to cheer Woody-som on in a race in our town. Walked 5000 paces in total (hubby has to write total down this week for work, whole town is having a go)Felt fine chatting to woody but voice eventually started to go and I ended back on the neb as soon as I got home. So doing zero exercise if you feel really bad is probably a good idea or take it slowly. I'm going to take it more gently this week and walk but not so far. I feel and sound fine then just crash. I'm going on a diet tomorrow so hope that will help. I'm getting achy arms, shoulders and neck too, feel 80 not 40. I'm glad I tried to walk, I'm not giving in with out a fight. I am going to try to swim on wednesday but slowly.


  • Hi what kind of race are we taking about? i'm am going to be honest with the doc, i just end up suffering more when i conceal stuff from her. take care

  • Kate, really nice to meet such a lovely and charming person as you. I noticed your voice going a bit at the end, hope you're not suffering to much for the need of the neb. I like your spirit of not giving in, the day we give up is the day we just as well say box me up and stick me in the ground.

    Worked out why I never got under the 45min I planned. I did do the 9K in 44min 11 sec, but the course measured 9.36km. I know couple of the organisers were not sure on the exact course length this year LOL!

    Hope stinky son didn't smell to bad when he came home :)


  • Wheat is a known inflammatory Cazzy.

    Humans only began eating wheat about 12,000 years ago which, in our evolutionary timescale, is nothing compared to the millions of years we have been hunter-gatherers eating good quality grass-fed meat, when we could catch it, seafood/fish and vegetables.

    Asthma is a chronic disease of inflammation so it makes sense to remove all known inflammatories from your body - you need to stop all wheat for at least 30 days to see if it improves your asthma. You also shed a load of weight when you give up wheat.

    It is possible that wheat/gluten manifests itself as inflammation in different people in different parts of the body. For some it is IBS, others it is Coeliacs, for others it might be Asthma or something else.

    Then you have the whole issue of T-Cells which fight infection and inflammation in the body and how they are regulated - indeed do not work at all - if the body is deficient in Vitamin D3.

  • Well said woody. that's what's made me snap out of it. i'm now slowly starting to gradually expose myself triggers.

  • Great to meet you too Chris,your great and you always cheer me up.You did really well with the running, I am now inspired to get fighting fit. My asthma went down hill very quickly and ended up on the flipping neb, just feeling a little fragile. It's brittle at the mo so get a false sense of all is fab as I feel and look fine until I do anything, even talking gets me.Haven't needed another so that's great.

    One stinking Son home from cub camp along with wet bedding, joys of all his meds and using portaloo's,YUK!Flannel, toothbrush untouched.Did try to clean himself up with towel.Up to my eyes in washing. He went in the shower as soon as through the front door, the lynx effect.

    Next time your welcome to have a cuppa at ours but it such a state at the mo, cant bear for any one to see it.Giving it a blitz tomorrow if I can. Good luck with the next race.


  • Thanks bob thats an interesting point i'd never really thought of. I may try it and see if it makes any difference get awful stomach problems since ops and bein on various meds. Makes me wonder if it may be beneficial trying. Thanks

  • You mentioned a sinus problem - have you tried a saline sinus/nasal rinse like the Neilmed or SinuCleanse Squeeze bottles? While they're not a cure-all by all means, many people find them helpful for keeping sinus infections at bay/helping shorten/lessen the effects of colds and rhinitis. I've given up my steroid nasal spray/drops and decongestants since using mine daily for the past year or two.

  • thats a good point i dont actually get much of a chance to try those first as its like wake up with something like rhinorrhea and that evening gets infected - have been lucky as its not been back for a while now.

    thanks for the advice tho - might get it tommorrow.

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