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Nothing more they can do!!

I have brittle asthma and been in hospital 3 times in the last 3 weeks and every time that I go in to hospital i sit there on the wards having nothing done to me after the initial magnesium infusion that I get....I was in ED Resus on Monday and they wanted to admit me to a ward and I refused cos I said to them that all I do is sit there on a ward picking up more infections ( cos as they have stated on numerous occasions my immune system has gone cos of the steroids and all the antibiotics I have had over the last 6 months) and they do nothing for me at all on the wards ( infact I refuse to go on the resp ward now cos as I m quite younger than most patients on there I get left to get on with nebbing and caring for myself and only get seen to on a drug round).....I also get told everytime that I go in that there is nothing else they can do for me because I am already on the max treatment they can offer for asthma which is Symbicort 200/6, prednisolone 40mg, aminophylline,montelukast, salbutamol and atrovent nebs, and the hospital told me that they are leaving it up to my GP to sort my meds out and also leaving my GP and practice nurses to look after me, although I don't mind this because I know them well and trust these guys more than I do anyone in the hospital atm I just don't think it is fair on them..

Anyway i hope someone could shed some light on this

Take care


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im in the same situation and so is another young girl on my ward its pants but im not sure anythin else is available im fed up of bein costafied believe it or not we got told off for chattin this am!! This hospital bites! Fed up! :-( Xx


hey sam, i am on similar meds, but a stronger version of symbicort ... 400/12 and i take 2 puffs 3 x a day, dunno if they could step it up for you ? if it would help?

and i know exactly how u feel on wards, except i am younger lol but yes its annoying eh!

do you not see a consultant??

hope your ok

katie xx


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