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First Time on a nebulizer

Hi all

My first post, i have adult onset asthma, and lately really been troubled with attacks

i was trying to convince mysel i was not a Asthmatic,, so i didnt renew my inhalers, BAD MOVE!!!!!!!!!!, had a mjor attack while driving, it really scared the willysout of me i could not get my breath.

the doctor sadi if you have your inhalers brian and dont need them great but if you need them & you dont have them, not good! :-(

Anyway started with a cold or some infection that has gripped my chest for want of a better description, the doctor put me on a nebulizer tonight, wow relief!

I have the machine for a few days to try, so here hoping , i can get back to a managed situation

i presume there are other adult onsets out there, wonered if as the nature of these things go no doubt there will be good advice from fellow suffers


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Hi Brian J W

Welcome to Asthma UK, I am sorry to hear that your asthma has been particularly troublesome lately.

As your doctor said it is very important that you continue to take your inhalers as prescribed even if you think you don't need them, that is how youre meant to feel!

I am a bit concerned that your GP sent you home with a nebuliser but I appreciate different practices do different things, but as people with Asthma can sometimes deteriorate very quickly home nebulisers should not be given if in doubt and are usually given after various treatment options have been exhausted by a hospital consultant specialising in Asthma and/or the person in question has very sudden onset severe asthma exacerbations giving them time to wait for an ambulance/get to hospital. And given strict instructions for the use of it.

I have a home nebuliser which was initiated by my hospital consultant after poor control and many severe Asthma attacks requiring hospital admissions. Although I have had Asthma since a young age I don't think the methods of treating Asthma differ according to when diagnosis was made.

Has your GP also given you a week's course of Prednisolone tablets? (Steroid tablets) These are helpful for reducing the inflammation that is present in the airways.



I suppose I am not technically adult onset, but I was only 16 when I was diagnosed which is relatively late. I am just slightly concerned that you have been given a nebuliser for use at home. Obviously I am not there to judge your medical condition, but as a general rule if an asthmatic is ill enough to require nebulisation and inhalers are not sufficient then they really ought to be in hospital. Also although you will read about many of us here having access to nebulisers at home as a permanent arrangement it is not really a solution to any problems and is done as a last resort. I was only given mine after careful consideration between my consultant, GP and asthma nurse and was given extremely strict guidelines about when I could use it. I have now had my own nebuliser for about 18 months and my protocol is adjusted according to how ill I am but I am still in constant contact with my consultant and GP as to how much I am nebulising to ensure I am not putting myself in danger.

The moral of the ramble is that nebulisers can be dangerous in the wrong hands and often lead to people becoming extremely unwell as the tendency is to sit at home and nebulise when they need to be in hospital. (I've done it and I think many of the more severe asthmatics will also have taken that risk) Please be careful and if your symptoms deteriorate do not hesitate to contact out of hours doctors or AnE.




HI Simi


re the steriod treatment yes i have been on that for a week, with some more to take on a decreasing number each day just to help me over this, hurdle

The doctor explained everyting very well, i only went as with this infection, i just need a bit of releive with i fight the infection, I will on,y use the nebulizer if i need it, my peak flow was down quite a bit, but when i was on th enebulizer for 10 mins everything became a lot more confortable.

Dont worry, i am not likley to sit there nebulizers myself to bits, its only if a get uncomfortable as i have been latley

i will keep on with the inhalers regurarly, and not lapse not going through this again

now on here it will make me manage my treatment a bit better, trouble with busy lifestyles you tend to forget what is actually important, yourself!

thanks for the informative replies people

kind regards brian


HI Brain Welcome ,

sorry to here you are having a tough time at the moment.

The nebs will really help you and once inflammation settles down im sure your doctor or consultant will find the right inhalers and maybe tabs for you.

I started with asthma 12/18 months ago and 44,It was a shock and only just getting to grips with my action plan and trying to get it under control.

Wishing you a peaceful night and better days.

love Glynis.

pm me any time xxx


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