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Lumpy mucus ( sorry tmi!)


Firstly hope everyone is doing well and are heathy :)

I'd like to ask if anyone has experienced really sticky & lumpy mucus? I keep coughing up this really white/pale greenish sticky lumpy mucus that feels like I'm drowning in when I lay down. It's really hurting as well. Sorry for the over sharing! Lol

I have a CT scan on thursday ... Fingers crossed that it shows something up finally

Jilly xx

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Hi Moomoo!

I get this a lot, my doc always treats with antibiotics as usually any mucus with ""hint"" of colour in can be a sign of infection. If its hurting too you really need to get seen in case it is an infection. You dont want it to start making asthma symptons worse.

Can you get to your doctors in the morning? Or if really worried call your ooh service.

Hope you feel better soon xx


I get mucus which I always describe as lumpy wallpaper paste. If it gets the least bit green or yellow I go to the doctors as soon as possible because it is a sure sign of infection. if I go straight away it clears quickly if not then it is a much longer course of antibiotics and high dose steroids. Much better to go sooner rather than later. Never ignore anything which could make your symptoms worse.

Hope you feel better very soon and good luck with the scan.


Thanks for your replies :)

I've been bad with my asthma since October and in pain with it since then but it's the first time I've managed to actually get up the mucus as its that sticky (very much wallpaper paste) its been making me gag and choke but wouldn't budge.

I'll mention it to my new consultant at my next apt 18th April, as I've only recently manage to come off high dose steroids (4 months) and they know I dont want to go back on them unless I can really help it. He did mention saline nebs last time I saw him as an option, have you ever had or heard of that?

Thanks again :)

Jilly xx


MooMoo, I think we all inspect the rubbish that we clear out of our lungs - noticing that it is different from usual is ne way of keeping track of how well (or not) your asthma is controlled. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. We all have to have our little hobbies .......


Annista that's grim but oh so true!!! Lol

I pretty much permanently have mucus but as the others say, when it becomes more lumpy and solidish with a yellowish green colour it always means for me that I've got an infection and need antibiotics.



This is not a game I can play - I have never yet managed to cough anything up, though often get the feeling there is lurking sticky stuff. Carbocysteine totally failed to do anything so almost wondering if I imagined it...

Jilly, hope things aren't too bad atm? Sounds positive that you were able to come off the steroids, any other improvements? Crossed fingers for your CT scan - I know the feeling of actually wanting it to show something so you know what's going on!


Oh yes, but usually not coughed up. Not sure if you have any sinus/rhinitis problems too? I get a lot of 'post nasal drip' from sinuses that can be difficult to clear and often sits at the back of throat. White-ish can indicate more allergies/coughing/general asthma irritation while green-ish colour is often considered with pain/temperature/general health to be a sign of infection.

Good luck with the scan and hope you get some answers. Normal test results with symptoms can be so frustrating. Not had nebs myself but they have been mentioned here before so you should find some if you do a search.


I was just wondering if anybody's produced a colour chart ........

Good luck with the scan, MooMoo.


Good question Annista,

Don't know about mucus but there is the Bristol stool scale, won't go into anymore details as definately tmi and digressing off topic here.


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