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Stuck between a rock & a hard place and very confused!!

Well I'm back at the GPs today for another assessment after being put back up to full dose steroids for a week after struggling on the reduction.

I'm so eager to go back to work but I'm equally worried about going back and going worse. What do I do??? My family & boyfriend are all saying they don't think I'm well enough to go back, and to a degree I agree with them but I'm driving myself mad being stuck at home not being productive. Theres only so much I can do to occupy my mind at home and I think thats whats getting to me now.

My boyfriend has suggested that I speak to my Boss and see if there is a compromise, but I'm not sure they will accommodate or want the change as they are a very busy business and have so far coped without me for 5 weeks! I work on the second floor and as I'm a PA two of my Boss's are on the next floor up from me and my main Boss is in the next office on my floor, so I'm moving about all the time and the kitchen and toilets are on the ground floor which means I have to go up and down at least 2 flights of stairs all the time. Stairs aren't my friend at the minute either :(

I just don't know what to do for the best .....

On the other hand I'm back at my chest specialist on Friday for my Bronchoscopy results of the samples & biospsys so don't know whether or not to ask my GP to sign me off again until I've had those results as a compromise and then take it from there.

Sorry for the very vague post just really needed to get it off my chest and see if anyone could give me some advise as well.

Thanks for ready, Jill xx

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Hey, sorry to hear your having such a rubbish time still!

I woild personally suggest to stay at home untill your atleast 80/90% right as otherwise you could bounce back on the sick again as your lings etc couldnt cope...and thats the last thing you want, and would look worse on your sick record as your off for more times instead of one who time...

But then like you say, they have managed without you for 5 weeks so far so it could be detromental for your career...

Could you speak to your boss to see if you could pick up some worl to do at home in the meant time so that they can seee hat you personally are still willing, its your lungs etc that arnt and it is keeping you frrsh in their minds with you still producing a fab job??

Hope my ramble helps!?

Ive been in a similar situation with being off work since april, unfortunatly for me, my sick pay has ran out and i got a meeting with HR on fri to see if i can still keep my job....its not one that i can temporarily do at home...feel free to pm me if you like

Charlie xx


Thanks Charlie :-) I've asked my Boss's if they can make some adjustments for me to return to work for a short period so I can reacclimatise and I'm just waiting for a response. If I can have someone to do all my running about for me then I should be OK to go back to work but I must keep my stress levels down as well otherwise I'm in trouble.

I hope they decide to do something to help me either go back to work or work from home as like I said I'm really getting down about being stuck at home.

I was allowed to try driving again for the first time in 6 weeks yesterday and thankfully my car is an automatic which helped greatly just not the best feeling when I had to manouvere the car backing up etc as it put pressure of my chest but I managed it so I'm feeling like I'm getting a little bit of my independance back.

I still can't walk round the damn supermarket yet which is irritating but small steps, slowly slowly catchy monkey. LOL

Oh and my GP was funny yesterday he was actually talking about stopping the steriods cold yesterday!! He wasnt fully in favour of reducing them down as it adds time to them still being in my system which I understand, but stopping cold was a little drastic I thought. So I'm on a reduction and starting today I'm down to 6 tabs ... lets see how I cope!

I hope your doing well and ready for Christmas :) thank you for all your support and being there for me to talk to, its really helped

Jill xx


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