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Uniphyllin & Steroids and Alcohol?


Just a quick one ... can you drink (in moderation) alcohol whilst taking Uniphyllin & Steroids?? I'm not talking about geting drunk, just a glass or two with Christmas dinner?

I'm not overly bothered if I can't as I've not had a drink in over 4 months now but with it being Christmas it would be nice to be able to just have a couple with my family.



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I remember talking to the pharmacist at hospital once and they said that the odd drink every now and then doesnt effect what the medication does, its when you drink absolutly loads that you need to be careful!



I have been on prednisilone and theophyllin for years and still have a drink...sometimes more than i should but not noticed any difference in medication so think a few would be ok although im not a pharmacist or anything but i do have a wee drink. x


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