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Dry Mouth & Constant Thirst


Has anyone experienced extreme dry mouth and thirst while being on steroids and having a flare up?? If you have any suggestions on how to combat it as its driving me mad! I'm going through pints of diluted cordial like its going out of fashion and its not quenching it at all.

I'm also thinking I may be slightly dehydrated (which makes no flaming sense with the amount of fluid intake) - all in all Im very confused about the whole thing so any hep, advise etc would be greatly appreciated

Thanks as always :-)

Jill (aka MooMoo) xx

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im not sure about this, but i believe that if you are having a flare up or a chest infection, considerable amounts of fluid may be in your lungs, in the form of mucus. so it is important to drink a lot, as this fluidifies the mucus, making it easier to cough up. also when on steroids, you could have fluid retention. this can be helped by lowering your intake of salt in the diet. and also drink a lot. i myself have never eperienced such a thirst as this when on steroids. also, some preventer inhalers can cause a dry mouth/sensation of thirst. i hope this helps in some way, and that you start to feel better soon. all the best!

Rose xxx


Just a quick question: Are you also having to pee a lot? Thirst with passing large quantities of dilute urine should be checked out asap by your GP


I've got this at the moment, it came on when fighting some nasty infections. I was also going to the loo a lot so the GP checked for diabetes which can be a complication of long term steroid use and is definately worth checking out - thankfully it came back clear - but I still have the symptoms and it's very annoying. I almost find that the more I drink the thirstier I get, even though that doesn't make sense!

Chewit type sweets sometimes help a bit as they seem to stimulate saliva production. I've found milk (if dairy is okay with your asthma) the most thirst quenching drink, possibly because it coats the throat better than water based drinks?


I'm not having any particular flare-up just now, but having to take 3 inhalers each morning, makes my mouth very dry and I am always drinking.


hi I also have a constant thirst as I have rhinitis with a blocked up nose all night ad have to beathe through my mouth.. Constantly drinkining fresh orange juiv=ce. Good luck xxx


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