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travel insurance - I need help

I’m going on holiday soon and as I started looking for travel insurance I discovered that it seems to be very difficult to find an insurance company that insures people with asthma. Has anyone experience the same problem and can recommend an insurance company that does insure you if you have asthma? Help would be much appreciated.

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when i went to cyprus earlier this year no normal companies would touch me i had to use specialist companies for pre existing complaints, three quoted between £1000 and £1500, then i found PJ Haymen, 08452303529 it cost me £250 am high risk on oxygen with several itu admissions. ou can also try through cystic fibrosis websites.

Good luck



I got insurance no problem with - I had to pay a £50 supplement (they do not charge a supplement if you have ""mild well controlled asthma""). So £100 for an annual policy worldwide. I am no where near as bad as some - on serevent, becotide & ventolin. Good luck.


Try Direct Line - they have been very good with me even with numerous hospital admissions the premium was quite reasonable. Good luck



I got insurance through the post office with a medical excess on top.

I went to the Falklands - insurance was £50 or so and the medical premium was about £80 - well worth it as I used it as was delayed on Ascension Island on way home. The Medical premium was though an insurance group called Fortis so if any medical screening is though them you should be OK. I have nebs and s/c infusion but my cons did say I would be OK without O2 so I didn't declare it.

This was OK for me.

The CF people Heath lambert wouldn't insure me though! Perhaps as out of europe.



Thank you all so much for your advice, it was very helpful!



I use a company called Atlas which i found online, they do a medical screening and for £40 extra they insured my Son who is severe asthmatic, he is on 11 diff meds a day including s/c and needs cpap at night. He has had numerous admissions this year so I was expecting them to refuse insurance , was very happy when they didnt. It may be worth giving them a call.

They also insured me with no extra and i had to declare diabetes and hypertension both requiring meds.

Healthy fmaily arent we lol :-)


Direct Line are fab. My insurance is about £80 which is very reasonable. I am severe asthmatic on nebs etc and have been hospitalized many times. I claimed from them before, when I had to cancel a holiday because I ended up in hospital. They were really helpful and sorted it all out for me.


bringing this up for chunky

andrea xxx


Hi there,

There is a specialist company that has an arrangement with Asthma UK, called Unique insurance. There is a story about on the AUK site at:

Hope that helps!


Hello Monkey,

I have tried a quote from them - a single trip - world wide ex USA etc and was quoted well over £600!!!

Stick to the Post office , Direct line or the others quoted here and pay their medical premiums!

I sometimes get the feeling that the speciallist companies are taking advatage of chronically ill people and charging a fortune as they know we have difficulties getting insurance elsewhere. What do other people here think ???



Bump for reference.



Try Freedom they were the only company who would insure me. I tried all the others people are suggesting but couldn't get insured.

I did have a quote from Direct Line which was £3500 for a two week holiday to Kos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom insured me for £70 for 2 weeks in Kos. This is despite 8 meds for asthma and only being out of ITU for a week before I went.



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