I've Broken my arm!!!

hi all,

i had a bone scan on thursday, just regular routine DXA, and was pleased to here my bones are stronger, hips normal and spine only a little under,

so you can guess how frustrated i was on saturday afternoon when i slipped down a bank going canoeing, landed on my hand and have broken through my Radius bone!!

I am greatful though it is my left hand as i can still manage most everyday tasks, though cant do bra up or cut up dinner,

the pain isnt much fun either though am managing,

At least being inactive the asthma is behaving!!lol

george xx

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  • Well that'll teach you for canoeing down a bank - you really should try canoeing on rivers like normal people! ;)

    Hope you mend quickly and get back to the water soon. :)

  • Hope your arm mends soon xxx OUCH!!!

  • hi ratty,

    the boat was on the water and i was walking down the bank to it,

    though to be fair, canoeing from the bank to the water is great fun, no good for the boat though lol

  • Oh poor you! That's just rubbish news. Still, at least it should heal well, given that your bone density is OK. I have had numerous operations on both wrists, sometimes at the same time, and have found that it is possible to fasten a bra with one hand. This may be TMI, but if you put it on backwards (so the clasp is at the front) and clamp your good elbow to your side to hold that side of the bra still. Then use your good hand to grab the other side of the clasp and wiggle it onto the hooks on the first side, which should stay relatively still, given that you're holding that side with your elbow. Takes a bit of practice, but much nicer than asking someone else to do it!

  • Oww! Sorry to hear that, hope it mends soon.

    A friend broke her arm falling into a fire pit at 1am when she was drunk (no fire in it, was used for cooking during the day). It wasn't a bad break at all, and I'm afraid I had to laugh when she told me how she'd done it! Especially since when the nurse told her not to get it wet, her first question was 'can I go swimming?'

  • Hi George, Poor you, hope it mends quickly. xx

  • Hope it mends soon, when I broke mine this time last year I got a waterproof cover from the internet so I could still swim and sail. They help with showers and baths too x

  • Oh, poor you - I hope the pain eases off soon. Take care of yourself.

  • thanks everyone,

    ill keep taking the tablets !!!

    g xx

  • keep taking reg pain relief n resting the hand ;)


  • Oh dear. Hope it heals quickly and you're not in too much pain. xx

  • hi all,

    i managed to get an earlier appt with # clinic this am, i saw a consultant who was pleased things in a line, though the bone is a little compacted, he isnt keen to do much to it if he can get away with it so hw pulled it whilst the plaster guy put nice purple plaster on,

    got to go back next week to hope bones not moved,

    fingers x,

    g xx

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