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Exercise and Asthma

hi All,

i know some of you are not able to exercise which is a shame,

I have reciently got a new job as an Outdoor instructor at a company called treejumpers, it is a very active job and all outside.

my asthma is Brittle, and during the training course to help get me trough i took 2 weeks of pred at 10mg plus my S/C Terbutaline, i hadnt really told my boss much about my asthma, but towards the end of the course, it did its thing and very nearly killed me, my boss came to the hospital with me and told me i had to get better as they wanted me to work for them,

They accepted i had a few limitaions but wanted me all the same, i was so relieved.

Well re all the exercise i am now doing, all be it only working 2 or 3 days at the moment my asthma is so much better, my lung function has gone up 15-20% with peak flows nearly 400, used to it being around 320, i am off my S/C and feel really well, i also try and fit in playing badminton twice a week, and am in the middle of doing my level 1 canoe coaching course.

when i went to apply for this job i didnt know if i would cope with it, my collegues who are much younger than me are fab and look out for me but dont treat me with kid gloves,

i love the job, the work is hard and i get very tired, i am in bed by 9.30, lol, but i feel so well and alive.

anyone who is consifering getiing exercising, consult your dr, i talked to proff re the job first and he was all for it, and go for it,

george xx

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Congratulations on your job George, hope all goes well for you. When my Asthma was just severe I managed loads of exercise, but now that I am Brittle I am limited. But when I am well still enjoy walking with the dog for miles as long as it is steady. Like you I do find that if I manage to keep some fitness levels then I too feel lot better. Wishing you all the very best with this job.


Thanks Katina,

being Brittle is a pain and sport does trigger me sometimes, but i wont let it stop me enjoying this job, i am the oldest of the staff and they are making me stay young.

g xx


Hi George!

Well done! I wish I could do all that stuff again..... PEAK 1998 ?? Remember?

I am glad they are happy with you and take into consideration your asthma too!



PS love the FB photos!


george, congrats on the new job and even better that you've found it helps your asthma. Something i've found myself that keeping active helps raise the old peak flow readings.


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