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Breathless when eating

I've recently found it really hard to eat comfortably because of breathlessness. I have to keep resting so by the time I've got half way through, my meal is cold. Anyone had this problem? I've booked an appointment with my Asthma nurse, is there anything else I should be doing?



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hi cookie,it happens to me also and i put a post up a while ago. X


Thanks for the reply is your post on another tread? x


When i had a bad flare up for a couple of weeks before christmas i had the same problem. I went to my friends' for lunch one sunday and had to take a couple of puffs of reliever before i had enough breath to eat pudding.

Another day in the same flare up i was sitting in another friend's car with her while we were eating our lunch (the way we work is a little unusual but we get about half an hour on a tuesday to eat lunch while sitting in the car park of our next location) anyway, usually i'd be able to finish my salad and yoghurt while chatting away without any bother but on this particular day i could only manage half of my salad :-( Luckily i had a bit of spare time later that day and it took another half an hour to finish the salad and yoghrt (and that was without trying to chat to anyone)


Bumped it up for you.its under 'Does this happen to you'


Yes happens to me as much as possible all u can do or at least try is caloric liquid intake hot choc,soups, rice milk (like milkshakes) juices yoghurts etc all quick and easy

I Just try to get as much in when i can and drink water I do have to be careful I don't have a through

the floor sugar drop then I run into trouble


I dont get it with eating yet, but i do find it get it with drinking, i get really out of breath when drinking out of glasses and have to breath in when drinking so often choke on it, it is very distressing as it feels like someone if suffocating me when drinking, I dont drink a lot now because i do and most of the time i will drink small amounts in a glass or a cartoon


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