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Hey everyone :)

I'm feeling pretty alone and fed up with these lungs of mine so I thought I'd come out of lurkerdom and say hi! I've been registered on here for a while but I don't post very much; I feel that I rarely have anything of use or interest to say.

I'm hoping that if I start to visit the discussion pages more, and contribute, then I might start to feel like part of the community :) After all, there is no point in me sitting here feeling sorry for myself if I'm not making an effort! I've got a blog but I'm not very good at posting in it as I don't want it to turn into something where I just moan and be depressing!

Briefly about me, I've had brittle asthma for about 6 years, previously I was completely healthy. I've had numerous respiratory arrests, a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. I sometimes get coronary artery spasms which are like angina, generally this only happens when my lungs are misbehaving. I'm currently in the middle of a looooooooong battle to be allowed to return to work.

I've got some lovely friends, and my family constantly nag me, but I don't like to talk about my stupid lungs as sometimes I feel like a broken record. I think it's hard for them to understand what it's like to struggle to breathe when they haven't experienced it.

So yes, a slightly longer post than I intended, but hello!!! Dawn x

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Hi Dawn

Glad that you decided to post on the forum and get involved. I am sure that with your obvious experiences of asthma that you have a lot to contribute to these forums, whether it be through chatting, ranting (which is always good) or just sharing experiences.

Hopefully both yourself and other members benefit from you posting in the future.

Take Care



Hi Glitter dust,glad you came on and make some friends and rant and suport also xxx lot of us on FB also.Love glynis x


hi glitter

welcome back to the forum!!!

just to say i can only sympathise, i too am brittle asthmatic with a similar history of resp arrests, and due to recent events of asthma attacks, pneumonia and collapsed lung as i have posted bout on here muntiple times probably!! and consequently needing multiple admissions to costa in past 7 weeks...

i work as paeds staff nurse and been off sick for the 7 weeks so far and hoping back to work next tuesday, if lungs behave, but then occ health gotta allow it too... work have been supportive luckily compared to my old job :S who put me through stress, hell and embarrassment and even psych!!

it makes a difference to have the supportive colleagues doesnt it , just wondering how long it will last though....

like u say its hard for others to understand whats its like if they havent got asthma... thats why this forum is a Godsend :)

x x x



Hello & welcome too. Fed up with misbehaving lungs too & sinuses, more moderate/severe persistent than brittle though and not been in hospital.

Defo. helps being on here, it is easier to talk to/read what others in a similar situation say.

Good luck with work battle.


Hi Dawn. Nice to meet you.

I also had a bit of a lurk before taking the plunge and joining in, mostly because my asthma is not nearly as bad as others have to put up with and I thought that I didn't have much to offer. Joining is has really helped me in lots of ways.

I used to feel very isloated because nobody I knew had any idea of what its like to have asthma and as there's nothing to be seen they tended to dismiss it as a very minor complaint or even my imagination and I didn't have the confidence to stand up for myself and, for example, ask people to stop wearing gallons of perfume to work, which is a big trigger for me.

I've also found that even though I've not had the visits to costa, consultants and other traumatic events, I can offer support to others who are having a bad time.

look forward to seeing your name more often :)




Hi Glitter. Please rant, rave, moan, scream!!!! And please don't let insecurity make you reluctant to stand up for yourself! If it were the situation that you just didn't like smelling all that perfume because it's just too much then you would - well it's more than just too much and you have every right to complain as someone who just can't deal with the smell has. Good luck:)


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