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Tamiflu and asthma

My 11 year old son was just diagnosed with swine flu last night, after high temp, coughing, sleepiness, sort throat and slight wheezing. He is already on 3 asthma inhalers and Montelukast and on antiboitics for an ezcema infection. I have refused Tamiflu though as I'm concerned about the side effects and worried about if it would mask the natural body's amunity. Just wondering if anyone else has taken this decision with asthma and swine flu as obviously I am in two minds?

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Louise, you could discuss this with an asthma nurse on the AUK helpline (0800 121 62 44), or your own GP or asthma nurse as we can't give medical advice on the forum.

Swine 'flu Q&As can be found at


(this points to asthma.org.uk/all_about_ast...


Supporting you

Hi Louise,

Just wanted to share that I'm feeling the same way as yourself. I think my daughter is suffering from it also, and won't give her Tamiflu either. I haven't called a doctor, as I know they will tell me to give it to her, and I feel she is coping well for now. If she appears worse anytime, I will call them, but still won't want to give it to her.

She's been unwell for 2 weeks with cough then sickness and diarhhoea, but for the last week has only had a cold. Then this morning has had a nasty cough, not asthmatic, but productive, sore throat and a slight temp. I sent her to school, but she's come home with a higher temp, has had diarhhoea again, and now says her legs are aching. Her chest sounds clear, but she's having faster breathing and her heart rate is quicker than normal. I haven't felt she needs her reliever inhaler yet, but is still using her steroid inhaler twice daily as usual.

It's so hard to make the decision regarding Tamiflu. I've read so much that says it can make things worse, and cause other nasty symptoms which stay longer than the flu itself. BUT, medical professionals will always think that as parents we are doing the wrong thing, and should take any medicines offered to protect our young. It's a very hard decision. We just have to stand by what we think is best for them, and deal with whatever happens. We can only do what we feel is the best.


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