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Flixotide & Oxis

3 months ago I had to stop Seretide, it was working brilliantly but I got awful leg cramps. Was put on Symbicort but I didn't get the control so I visited asthma nurse today and we've agreed to use the steroid from seretide (Flixotide) and the LABA from symbicort (Oxis) to see how I get on, hopefully I'll get the control I had from seretide without the cramps, fingers crossed xxx.

Flixotide is in a funky orange MDI too, think I've had all the colours of the rainbow!! LOL. Just got to wait for the LABA to get delievered to the pharmacy, they don't usually stock it apparently!

Anyone use these inhalers? any advice?

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i have the oxis side, its basically the same as symbicort, so the turbuhaler bit...and its got an aqua colour to it...its thes the same principal as the symiborct to the twist actions whilst upright and breathe it in...nice and simple. the down side to it is, is that is doesnt have a counter for how little you have left in it, like the symbicort has.



oxis is good but it makes me shake. how many puffs a day can we take, to get good control of our asthma.


Just make sure that you take them with AeroChamber spacer.


Why should I use aerochamber?


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