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Lightbulb moment!!

Just been thinking, I'd been struggling to get my asthma under control towards the end of last year, eventually settled on Flixotide and Oxis and needed old blue about 3 times a week. Over xmas I stopped using the oxis (i was struggling to get hold of it from chemist!) and found my symptoms improved enough to reduce the flixotide too, it's just twigged that our cat went missing in mid-december, just around the time my symptoms got better! Related do you think?

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It possible... Have you had any allergy tests done to check if you are allergic to cats?


Hi Booboo! :-)

It might well be the case I'm afraid, definitely worth getting tested for.

Personally I'm highly allergic to cats (gutted as I live their personalities) and before I started on montelukast I couldn't be near a cat without experiencing asthma & allergy symptoms.

I'm glad to say I'm not allergic to dogs.



Hi there, thanks for your replies. I have never been tested for any allergies, I know I'm sensitive to grass, headlice(!!) and earrings that aren't silver but don't know otherwise. The doc didn't seem that bothered when I mentioned I had a cat and dog when I was first diagnosed. I wonder how keen they would be to test for allergies now my asthma seems to have calmed down though? I guess the test would be if my cat came back, but seen as she's been missing 3 months now, I think its unlikely unfortunately.


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