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Arrived back in one piece

hi to all,

just arrived back, suffering from jet lack, got one asthma attack coming back through immmigration, just before departure

it was an amazing, inspiring and challenging experience

arranged all travel transfers by wheelchair which was a great accomodation

To register in the UN their was a massive queue, so i approached Security and explained that i had chronic asthma and was brought to top of queue

one thing I learned you have to speak up for yourself if you require help

I got to speak about asthma and the impact it had on my life both physically, socially financially, and enviromentally,

quite a few people approaced me afterwards and spoke to me about various disability issues, the isolation, invisibility, and ignorance attached to same

in america disability is referred to as ""handicap""

if you have chronic asthma its very important to plan ahead and to be well organized if you plan to travel

I found the flight mask a great help



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