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Omeprazole - what time of day to take?

I've been given Omeprazole to try, to see if it's possible I've got silent relux which is getting confused with, or worsening, my asthma.

I'm really hoping it works, but so far, after a week, I'm not convinced much.

Has anyone got advice on what time of day to take it? What with 'silent symptoms', it's hard to tell, but I expect it's lunch and dinner that would be worse than breakfast. A pharmacist told me to take it 2 hours before lunch (which I've always managed to forget!). Unfortunately I don't have a particularly stable schedule of eating or my awake hours.

The leaflet in the box is no help for times of day to take it. I suppose what I want to know is a) how long it takes to start working after taking, and b) how long does it work effectively for.

Thanks muchly.

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I take mine first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up. It's slow release so it should last all day. I take my other morning medications - including Prednisolone - at least 30 minutes after the Omeprazole and after breakfast.

This is the way my consultant told me to take it and it's the way they give it to me when I'm in hospital.


i was taking 1 morning and night, but now if I take it, it's usually before bed so that it works during the night which is usually worse physically on your body due to you lying flat.


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