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Montelukast packaging

Hello everyone,

Can anyone think of a reason I shouldn't take 10mg Montelukast tablets out of their blister packs and decant them into labeled bottles (space saving when traveling). I was given sample 5mg children's tablets before in bottles, but they must have had extra ingredients as they tasted great! Or Doxycyclone (?sp) tablets (as anti-malarials)?

Is there ever a reason for things to need to be in blister packs? I appear to be a walking pharmacy when I go away for long periods.



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I actually prefer the blister packs for travelling but usually take them out of the packs into weekly boxes when at home and travelling. This ensures I take all my tablets each day and also reduces the amount of packs etc I take with me.

Some tablets are supposed to stay in the packs to keep them fresh - some go a bit soft. Also it makes dispensing a certain number of tablets easier too I can imagine.

Also some blister packs have days on to help remind people when they have taken them. Though singulair seems to have dropped this now.

It all depends on how many tablets you take daily. For me, popping them all in weekly organisers saves a lot of space.

Just my thoughts........




Yep, I'm normally a big blister pack fan, but I've just picked up a bottle of pred, and after a small 'no, I hate bottles of pred' moment, decided that it took up substantially less space, and now feel like decanting the rest! I can totally see the many advantages to blister packs, apart from when you're trying to fit everything for months into a backpack!

I tend to keep a load of meds as emergency spares (incase of lost bag) - could I put pred and montelukast in the same bottle? They're not going to do something odd to each other?


I got one of those tablet organiser things (sorry, can't remember name at the moment) thinking it would be great for times away and just organising my meds each week as I have multiple conditions. Then I read the patient information leaflets and some say definitely that that tablets must be kept in the blister packets until taken. This seems to apply particularly to modified release tablets. I don't know if there is a general rule. It would probably be best to check with your pharmacist.


If your flying it's best to keep all medication in original containers, or packets, as requested to by most airlines, even with a doctors note carrying a months supply of tablets in little bottles might not look great!


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