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could someone give me some advice re 4yr old x

hi my 4yr old currently suffers with chronic asthma controlled with 3 inhalers, she keeps coughing n being sick, something has triggered it off but i dont no what, only one GP will give her prednisolone but she only had some 3 weeks ago n he hs now finished for Christmas, lst time i took her up hospital she stopped coughing and they looked at me to say why r u here!, its such a shame n i dont no wht to do, thnx for any possible help xx

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don't think i'll be very much help i'm afraid but one tip i can give (though you may have been told this already)

I've just read your reply on the other thread about your daughter coughing in her sleep - if she has a spray reliever inhaler with a spacer and mask you can actually give it to her while sleeping, apparently because the spacer has a one-way valve you can just place the mask on her and she'll breathe it in without even knowing.

If you don't have a spacer and mask it might be worth requesting one for this.



hi thank you, she does have an aerochmber with mouthpiece as she didnt like the masks over her nose, used to panic. she is good for taking the inhalers but its just the coughing then the sickness,went up to her just now and her heart was thumping xx


Had Sever Asthma, I'm finely free after 30 yrs

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