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Donating Lungs?

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone knows can/should Asthmatics choose to donate their lungs or not? I am on the Organ Donor register and my family and boyfriend know my wishes, should they be asked by anyone what my wishes were. I've chosen to donate everything, apart from cornea's but im just wondering whether or not i should still donate my lungs, will they rule it out, even though my Asthma is not at all Severe, (I've even wondered if i have it reading some posts on here!!) and may have gone when the time eventually comes? or do they just make a decision based on the condition of your organs at the time they are required?

Sorry if it seems a dumb question and a pointless post lol!!

Claire x

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No its not a stupid question, I do a fair bit of work for the charity live life then give life ( and I'm very close to the founders and alot of asthmatics have asked the same thing. In severe asthma theres likely to be some permanent lung damage but its not something you need to worry about when signing up. When (and if) the time comes that you donate, your organs will be thoroughly checked before being transplanted into someone. It is something that will be decided when the time comes. Transplantation is risky as it is so the organs have to be 100%. Having said that I have heard of mild asthmatics being able to donate lungs so it is not impossible.

Tks xxx


I once asked my cons this question, and he said that 'they' don't like to transplant lungs that have belonged to an asthmatic. I have severe and very brittle asthma, but I got the impression that the doc was speaking generally about asthmatics, not just about me personally. Having said that, I know that all organs are examined for suitability before transplantaion, but you could always contact the Organ Donor Registration directly just to be sure.


just a thought cos I dont know anyhing about it, but if you are worried about bits not being suitable for transplant you could look at donating for research, which would help people in a less direct way.


As Tks says, mild asthmatics have been used as lung donors in the past. I recently read a study which suggested that people who were recipients for lungs from asthmatic donors ended up having to be treated for mild asthma themselves - not really much of a problem, if you consider the type and severity of lung disease they were being transplanted for.

As everyone has said, it's not really something that you need to worry about - if you are in a situation where you are suitable as a donor, they will consider your whole medical history, previous test results and so on as well as the current state of your organs and make a decision based on that.

Em H


I ticked ""everything"" on the organ donor form and all my family know. All my kids agree with organ donation and would also want whatever could be used to be taken. I suspect my lungs would be rejected but judging my the amino munching activities of my super liver I could solve the liver organ donation crisis in one fell swoop by giving people a slither of my liver :)

Weird really they can do what they want with my organs cos as far as I am concerned the essence of me will be long gone and I won't know. Yet I refuse to allow what remains to be cremated cos I hate being too hot!



Hiya everyone,

Thanks for your replies, guess they will either use them or they won't. I'm alright about them having everything apart from cornea's, i dont know why, just wouldnt want someone else to have them! Also, if there's an afterlife id quite like to see it (sounds ridiculous i know).

Can't wait until i can give blood again, was suspended for 12 months due to becoming aneamic!! not fair =(

Take care, and thanks

Claire x


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