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Face masks and/or Air Purifiers

Does anyone have any success using air purifiers to filter out house dust mite and pet allergens? I am considering buying one but am not sure if they would be as effective as they claim to be so wondered if anyone could offer advice. Also I would like to know if anyone uses face masks when cleaning and vacuuming, this has been down to my husband since I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma and he does not do such a great job of it so I would like to get back to it myself. If so what make do you use please.

Thanks people

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When i was in A+E last time after an attack in chemistry a doctor suggested face masks, and my school weren't happy for me to take part in chemistry practicals (which are important parts of the A level) unless I wore masks, so i do. To be honest, they have done little to help me- at the most they mean I can stay in the classroom a little longer, but it's hard to tell whether that's more due t the fact my teacher's more vigilant about opening windows/ making sure the fume cupboard is on. I know you asked about cleaning with them, and I don't have any experience of that so can't comment on that aspect, but I think you should talk to your doctor if your asthma is interferring with things like cleaning and see if there's anything that can be done/ added into your treatment which might allow you some extra control and see what they think about the idea of masks- as in my experience face masks were expensive to get and not particularly helpful.

Becca x


Hi Edwina,

I am currently using an air purifier as I have a pet. I have one with a hepa filter. I do seem to notice a difference but I am also using products made by bio-life, sprays for your home, air, washing and even the pet its self! My asthma is triggered by allergens and I have recently got this pet so I am trying everything to make things easier and to keep her (boxer puppy). It might be worth looking onto these, I ordered of the healthy house website. I also got a all singing all dancing hoover with a hepa filter for £90 on offer from comet. I must addmitt my other half does most the cleaning too but I do seem to be coping with the stripping of sofa to hoover etc when i am having a good day.

Hope all works out for you

Pebbles x


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