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Fed Up!!

Hi Everyone

Just on for a moan, I came out of hospital friday after a week of IV aminophyline and all the other medicines needed for a severe allergic reaction/asthma attack.

I'm not sure if it's an age thing I've been doing the admission/home/back to work thing for years now but this time feels totally different. All of last week during regular obs my sats were mid 80s (usually 96-97 when 'normal' I have O2 and nebs at home as well as subcut terbutaline but only use the O2 pre hospital admission, since coming home I have a real urge to just sleep as well as having the headache from hell! Work was a major struggle today as well as all the hassle and snide comments about being off sick again. I cant think of what to do to for just a pick-me-up as such as I feel totally wierd and worn out?? My Gp doesn't even know what brittle/severe asthma is, so no point in that. Not due to see my cons till August anyone with any ideas???

Sorry to moan hope your all well xx

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You poor thing, you have not been very well at all have you.

I hope you start to feel better soon

Take care


Hi There, sorry to hear you've been so unwell it brings back memories of what we went through. Do you think maybe you have gone back to work so soon.I know you probably feel guilty about being off and I know it can go against you but you need to look after yourself. Sorry if you think I'm getting on to you but I remember how my daughter was when she came out of hospital and I.C.U. I hope you feel better soon. maybe a voluntary speaker can come into your work and educate the staff and let them know you are not alone. Anyway take care of yourself and breathe easy. LIZ x


Please try and rest up, I've over done it today as I'm working tomorrow. I'm paying the price.After I finished 2 hours of ironing I felt ill (surprise, surprise!)so I sat down and watched a film with a big pot of tea.It's so hard to rest I know but if you over do it, you end up paying for it. I keep feeling really well so I go back to doing what I normally do and end up being really ill again, then I'm stuck to the neb. You've had a really hard time of it and probably need to rest still.I'm going into work 2 days a week but then end up ill all Friday and Saturday, feel better Sunday so start the housework and crash again.

Try to bring the consultant appointment forward, as you've been so ill they should see you sooner. I'm seeing a consultant for another condition and was seen within 2 days after I had a flair up and started new treatment in hospital 2 weeks later.I'm not seeing a consultant for my lungs but my other consultant wants me to see one as he is not happy about my health.

Good luck and moan away, you've had a rough time.



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