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Trying to recover!!!

Dear Asthma community

Thanks to the rich inheritance from my mums family I have this stupid disease which intermitantly tries to kill me. Three weeks ago my youngest son thoughtfully brought home flu (also an asthma sufferer). I didn't seem to get the full awfulness from him but I did get a lovely cough which left me auditioning for a Dickens drama. I also realised while trying to speak to the pandemic flu-line that my ability to talk was dimishing by the minute. Still in denial I reluctantly went to A&E (taken by panicked husband). By that time I was without speech and on the verge of collapse. A quick queue jump, a horrible blood gas test and 4 hours in resus later it was undercontrol just about. I was discharged on 40mg pred tablets for 5 days. Didn't go to work the next day as these attacks leave me totally wiped out. The virus had not finished with me as it all kicked off again two days later. This time I was taken via ambulance for a lovely (not) two night stay, countless nebs and continuous oxygen. Still it wasn't finished as i developed Pnemonia 6 days later. Its now nearly a week on and i still feel totally wiped out, weak and just 'not right'. This is the longest time this feeling has lasted. My heart rate is still 100bpm even at complete rest. If I do anything it races. I've been coming off the oral steriods all week and tomorrow is the last day (thankfully as broken sleep every night).

Am I normal to still feel like this. I am a usually a busy mum of 2 teenage boys, the older one in remission with Leukaemia just for good measure.

I would appreicate your support

Sarah Hen

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I'm afraid that sounds normal. When I've been very poorly, I've been told that I should expect to feel like a bus has hit me for at least a month afterwards. Not very reassuring I know, but we all know how you feel.


Trying to recover

Unfortunately your experience mirrors some of mine. But it will get better eventually. Perhaps you can ask your docs what can be done before and after exposure to flu, colds etc. So you can take some evasive action. Also minimise how your body will respond. As some children will be exposed to the winter bugs. How long is winter expected to last? hmm.....

Take care of yourself luv gill


Thanks for your support. Most people have no idea what a debilitating, frightening and generally misunderstood this disease is. People jus see you breathing ok again and think that's it. I think you have to get your head around it all when you've had a bad attack.

Sarah Hen


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