I'm a little lost and don't know what the next step is

This isnt urgent or anything - just not sure what I can do next.

I had an attack at a training session 10 days ago and it seemed to take a bit longer than usual to settle down and more ventolin than normal. My coach helped me and I was back training as soon as I could breathe. Not breathing is never an excuse to not carry on training. My asthma is relatively mild so Im able to keep going even with the shakes!

I havent been right since. It has felt like someone is literally sitting on my chest and Ive had on/off wheezing, high temp and on/off cough. I thought it was a cold or virus so I left it thinking it would get better but instead got worse. Sleeping was impossible as I felt like I was being sat on. Got into see GP today and because I wasnt wheezing at that particular moment - he says I dont have asthma. My family, coach and team doctor have all witnessed my wheezing at some point and helped me accordingly. Its only due to strict drug testing that the team doctor cannot prescribe anything (at club level) I was accused of panic when I wasnt - just having a hard time catching my breath. I actually did trust this doctor and he was the only one I did trust, now I think that they think Im lying. He seemed to change his mind about me and gave me a course of Prednisolone which Im finding hard as Im an athlete and taking stuff like that isnt great. Then I was told to chill out - eh? Im surprised I was so controlled in NOT being in a total panic which always includes tears. I knew panic would make it worse so I have been taught by team medics how not to panic if asthma starts up so I knew at that particular moment - NO PANIC, just short of breath.

My preventer stopped working so I did ask for a new one prior to this appointment and unfortunately I had a bad allergic reaction to it and my family said that my lips were really swollen and I had hives. That was dismissed and I have no preventer now. This is seriously going to mess up my training if I have uncontrolled symptoms.

The team doctor has said it is asthma but my local GP says no. Ive had it nearly all my life and know what is and what isnt right. I feel like I was laughed at. I was struggling to talk as I needed an extra breath in and tried to keep it short. I felt so bad, I refused to even try peak flow and by the point of ""lets listen to your chest"" came around, I wasnt feeling co-operative but let him do it anyways. Im being looked after by my family at the moment so they can get me help if and when I need it. Im well looked after by them.

I dont actually know where I go from here - Ive always had things controlled and if it isnt asthma then thats over 2 decades of a mis-diagnosis. Im wondering what if could be as he didnt give an alternative to asthma. I dont understand but due to work committments, I cannot get into see asthma nurse as she doesnt do weekend appointments. I feel like Im in a swimming pool with no sides - no idea what is next. Any ideas?

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  • Hi, I would go a walk in centre if bad over weekend and a asap apt with doc or asthma nurse to review meds etc and take it from there.x

  • Thanks Glynis. My family have car keys at the ready and my mum is sleeping in my room tonight so I can wake her very easy if needed. Its wearing me down as its constant but my family are on the ball. Thank you for replying xxx

  • Distracting myself from things by trying to be helpful..So sorry to hear you're having all these problems and the GP has been so unhelpful, especially when it causes problems with your training. I've been in a similar position with being told It was all due to hyperventilation after testing for about a million other things, and was told it wasn't asthma, was told this by two consultants. But I knew it was more than that and thought it must be asthma for a variety of reasons, and I was right, so stick to your guns, you do know what is going on with your body as you've been living with it. I was told it was asthma in the end by a GP who actually listened, then I knew I wasn't imagining things as I was beginning to wonder.

    Obviously no preventer is not ideal. Is there any way you could get in to see another GP in the practice, or are they all as bad or worse? Or would OOH be able to prescribe a preventer? Though that is a lottery too.

    Sorry I can't be much help but I do understand how frustrating this must be. Feel free to PM me anytime even if you just want to offload, andI'll let you know if I remember anything helpful from my experience.

  • Thanks for the reply Philomela. Can a walk in centre prescribe a preventer? I was changed from clenil to flixotide but was just sorting out my training holdall and found a nearly full clenil. Not sure if taking something that doesnt work a good idea or not. Nearly my whole life has been about asthma - even though its mild, I am really ashamed and embarrassed by it so when I do talk about it (verbally) to anyone - its quite a big deal. Ive seen appointments with another GP on monday on emis so might go and ask for something to tide me over till I can see my usual GP. I thought he was the best one but I might someone else and see what happens. My mum and team doctor remind me not to play games with asthma cos it can kill so I better listen to them! Thank you too for your offer of support. xxx

  • Hi, Yes walk in centres can give you preventers and relievers also spacers and airochambers and they can put you on a neb or 02 in their room if need it. Love glynis x

  • Cheers Glynis _ Im off down there tomorrow then. Makes things easier. Ive never been bad like this before so Im new to this side of it all and Im so glad you all know what to do. Thank you so much. Im really grateful xxxx

  • Definitely go back for more advice/medication. I have recently been diagnosed with atypical asthma and it's 25 years since my first asthma diagnosis and I have seen 3 different specialists, each a decade apart who have each confirmed my diagnosis. GP's are always convinced I don't have asthma and it is a very stressful position to be in.

    You can always ask for a referral to a consultant if they are questioning your diagnosis too. Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Jac xx

  • Thanks JF for your reply. Its the first time its ever been questioned so I guess it was a shock. I have an appointment with usual GP after the course has finished and I guess it will be a case of ""where do we go from here"". I have sought the medical advice of relatives and they kind of agree with the virus diagnosis but have told me to take regular doses of ventolin as well and they will keep an eye on me until I get back to GP's.

    Unfortunately, I have to keep my sports team updated and have now been banned from training for a month or until my asthma is stable again (meaning a preventer inhaler) - I am not happy at all and its only added to my stress! Im glad they care but not glad they wont let me train.

    Thanks again JF for your reply xx

  • Hopefully littlesportyjulie (love the name btw), you wont hear another doctor say that to you again and this was a one off.

    Does it affect your sports if you have to use a preventer? Maybe, if you need one, you'll only need to use it when you get a virus until everything calms down again.

    Jac xx

  • Thanks Jac, The Pred did its job and I went back to my GP. I was feeling better and so was more responsive and was able to have a conversation. I felt we both worked toegether as patient and GP to get the best outcome for me and felt listened to....wont go needing to change GP's just yet. Lol. Im back on a preventer which is going to help. Back on the old one that didnt work so dont have much confidence but I know I can always go back! Lungs have been very stroppy over last 10 days due to extreme stress but got the weekend to recover. Thank you all for your replies. xx

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