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Re-design of the Inhaler


I’m Dave, a design student and I’ve taken on a brief to redesign the standard MDI inhaler. I want to know from ‘you’ the users what improvements you think could and should be made to the current product. Any point of view that you have would be really useful to me, so let me know your thoughts and get involved in the redesign.



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Inhalers just for Children in the UK would be great

I know in the USA you can get inhalers that are in shaped of characters like the simpsons and I think if we had inhalers like this in the UK that would great. My son is now 9 and is at the stage like most children go through where they hate using there inhalers in public and mainly at school because of the questions, looks and comments they receive for taking medicine. If there was an inhaler that was breath-activated or an accuhaler style that was in the shape of a guitar, sonic the hedgehog, a car, monster truck or even a motor-bike my son would love it and I think a lot of other children (especially boy) and would be more than happy to show it of and feel more confident in using them.


hi dave, easier to press down MDI cannisters would be great!

i oftenfind my thumbs get sore...


Hi Dave, There have been several enquiries about inhaler design, one only last month if I remember rightly. If you type in 'Inhaler design' into the Search Keywords box on left hand side of this page, you will find the posts. Good luck with your project.


Hi Dave

I recently found out the salbutamol relievers are not all the same.

Mine is the one which can be attached to a spacer chamber to help inhale the med when struggling to breath properely. Because i can use it with the spacer, it is much more effective as i only need to breath in & out without holding my breath.

However, some asthmatics have to use one with a different shaped mouthpiece. This cannot be used with the spacer chamber as far as i am aware. Perhaps an adaptor could be designed so all inhalers could be used with spacer chamber


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