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Chest pains - need my mind putting at rest!

Hi All!

I'm a newbie, and am a little concerned. I had childhood asthma, and have been 'free' of it for a couple of years now. For the last couple a weeks my breathing has gone downhill, and the GPs have advised my asthma has returned following a virus. I had a very bad attack on Monday which resulted in me being taken into hospital, and was given steroids on Tuesday to help combat the chest pains I have been having. Is it normal to have chest pains for days after having a bad attack? I did ask my GP, and he said it is due to the inflammation in my lungs. He gave me the steroids to get that inflammation down, but I'm still having chest pains. Is this normal? Thanks in advance if anyone can put my mind at rest! C xx

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Hi Cerries, and welcome to the forum!

Just to let you know I've taken down the duplicate post, so that you can benefit from having all the discussion in one place.

Hope you find useful, friendly advice here - now I'll shut up and let someone answer your question :-D




Quite common to get stuck with chest pain after a bad attack and lots of possible causes. e.g pulled chest muscles from struggling to breathe or excess coughing, costochondritis (inflamed ribs, horribly painful and takes weeks to clear), pleurisy (inflammed lining of the rib-cage, also horribly painful and takes weeks to clear). It should improve with the steroids, if it doesn't go back to the GP. I usually find a hot water bottle helps.


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