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Shortness of breath

I've moved from orange (two puffs a day) to orange (4 puffs a day) to purple (two puffs a day) which is Flutacasone/Salmet. My peak flow readings have improved through this journey and I am now averaging around about 420/430 a day. However, I am still very short of breath after a short burst of exercise. I also still have a degree of fluid/phlegm on my chest in the mornings. As I'm fairly new to all of this, is this to be expected or am I missing something here? I'm due to see my consultant again end of Feb, but any experiences/knowledge would be appreciated in the meantime.

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You are not alone that is for sure, i too get short of breath very quickly, i am guessing it has something to do with you are not used to doing exercise at the moment and you need to build up slowly and gradually. For example walking to the bottom of your street and back 3 times a week to start with and building it up each week so that you do it a little more. Like 3 times week 1, 5 times week 2 and then you walk a bit further 3 times a week. Hope that makes sense. Although check with your GP before you start on any physical exercise programme to make sure you are ok to do it.

I not sure why this happens though. Nor am i sure about the phelgm.


Thanks for the reply plumie. I swim once a week and do anything from between 30 to 40 lengths. I do have a fairly sedentary job though, but still walk about 2-3 miles per day. My main concern was whether the shortness of breath is something that can be controlled or improved. I am considering increasing my level of exercise as I would prefer this to increase any medication further.



Its definitely worth mentioning the shortness of breath to your consultant. it might be that exercise is a trigger for you. I find exercise worse than anything else - and I too swim 30 lengths a couple of times a week. My asthma nurse told me to extra preventers before exercise and it has made a big difference - though I'm still the one puffing in the pool. There might be a good solution for you as it must be so good for you doing that much exercise (I envy your walking ability!).

Go well.


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