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new peak flow meter - confused!!

Hi all,

THis may sound like a stupid question but hey I'll ask it anyway!

I've just got a new peak flow meter after my cons nearly had a heart attack when I said I'd had my old one for about 10 years (not sure why as it still works as far as i can tell but hey!). So this one is completely different to the old one - it's a vitalograph one, and works to the new scale. Anyway my question is, it didn't come with a seperate mouthpiece - are they supposed to, or do I need to get that seperately or do I just use it as it is? It looks like I need one, and I had one for my old one, but as I say, this is a completely different one and not having had a new one for years I'm not sure what the norm is anymore! Obviously they have disposable mouthpieces at docs / costa but just not sure what should happen at home.

Any advice welcomed!!

Thanks in advance!

PS Come on England!!!!

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i have a vitalograph 1 2

mine didnt come with a mouth peice

is urs grey?



The vitalograph dont come with mouth pieces any more. I went back to my gp and asked for a mini wright one. It can depend on which chemist you use to as which they supply.


I've got a Boots brand Vitlograph peak meter which was my first meter ever -

I got a grey mouthpiece with it, I've had it for a few years now.

I also have a PIKO...sumwhere...buried in my draw of mystery....


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