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Fed Up

Hello everyone and apologies now for a moan as I shouldn't really be moaning!

Ended up in A&E on Sunday after splatting but luckily only for few hours before I managed to talk them into letting me come home. Since then have felt dizzy, bit light headed, out of it, not able to concentrate on much and bit down (as well as completely exhausted all the time but that's more normal!). There's notching I can really put it down to, as would say am not any iller than have been for a while, but pfs are swinging from 250 - 350 within a day, chest still tight even with lots ventolin and generally feel pants! I guess my question is to you medics out there - is this the asthma making me feel like this or is it just me? Didn't feel like this last time I was in A&E, so am unsure, but can't put it down to anything and am starting to get cross with myself for feeling like this but can't help it! Have tried a stern talking to myself but that didn't work!

Again, apologies for the moan as I know I'm so much better off than most of you!! Any ideas welcomed!

Cal x

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(((((cal))))) Any kind of asthma splat is a shock to the system, so even if you didn't end up having to stay in costa it's still been an upheaval and upsetting. Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Perhaps some of the symptoms maybe due to a virus or something - there are loads going round at the moment - and it could also be why your asthma is more unstable at the moment. Just a thought.

Hang in there honey, rest up and be nice to yourself. I'm thinking of you lots and sending you lots of hugs ((((((((((Cal))))))))))




fed up

i have just had a virus where i have had a shocking cough and been feeling light headed for past week so you could have had this virus, hope you are feeling better xxxxxxxxxxxxx


There has been a rather nasty *wipe out* bug going around - it laid me out for 3 days in bed a week or two back (it had gotta be bad as I dunna take to bed at all)!

Its wiping out many non-asthmatics and it did leave me very lightheaded but then again I am diabetic too!


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