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Totally fed up

Hi all hope you are all well and breathing easy??!!!

I'm at the end of my tether and just need to vent - sorry guys - my work related issue is still unresolved doesn't help that my union are at congress this week. lol. Although Union Rep is being a star bless him.

My appointment with the resp con has been moved back to the end of September, and the medication he put me on in March isn't doing anything. Have tried to get an earlier appointment but there is nothing available. Can I go back to my GP and see if they can review my medication?

I'm completely housebound now thanks to my boss who has made me too scared to venture out of the house and I feel completely cut off from the outside world. I'm just totally fed up.

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You might like to try to see the asthma nurse at the hospital or at least talk to her on the phone. You could also leave a message for your consultant via his/her secretary. I have had some success with this and even got a call back from the big man himself which I was very impressed with. Make sure that you say to the secretary that you are not complaining, but that you are suffering etc. Best wishes.


I always have much more success with the consultant's sectretaries. I had my appt pushed from April to August and then September and my new meds aren't working either so in the end I rang the sectretary and was given an appt within three weeks and am going on Monday. They can over book the clinics when the booking desk can't really. I have been seeing my GP to get pred but no point asking for much else as they have to keep saying they can't do much as the doses and quantities of meds I am on they are unlicensed to prescribed and only a consultant can. Not sure if this would apply to you too.

Best of luck



Thank you for your support

Am seeing asthma nurse tomorrow evening so fingers crossed have some joy there.

As for work related issue - received a letter from my boss today stating that he is now conducting a full investigation to ascertain whether there is a disciplinary case against me because I was seen attending a rehearsal for a band that I play in, well did a) before asthma became worse and b) my boss made me too scared to go out of the house.

Lungs now completely miss behaving - if only there was some disciplinary action we could take for our lungs being uncooperative?!! lol.


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