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Chilli Alergie

Hi All

This is a odd post but I have just sat down to eat a fairly mild chilli which I made myself But a few minuite's after I started to eat it my eyes started to hurt and stream I no chilli can cause a runny nose which also happened but never had this reaction with my eyes before it was very painfull and I couldnt keep them open it took a good 15 minites for them to settle down and the chilli went in the bin do you think it is an allergie or a one off

many Thanks


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Hey tas,

I saw this thread a while ago but didn't get round to replying. Alot of my asthma friends have had acute attacks triggered by spicy food, I don't think theres is an allergy as such but an asthma trigger. I also know one of my friends can't eat food thats got alot of colouring in it as thats a trigger for her too. Erm thats it really.

tks xxxx


Chilli allergy

Hi Tas

I haven't had a reaction to chilli con carne, which is what I think you mean, but I start wheezing and my eyes start streaming if I chop up chilli peppers and even sometimes if I just touch them or even walk near them in the supermarket. I find it is sometimes worse than others, and generally try to avoid too much contact. It started a couple of years ago but hasn't got any worse generally.

So I can't say whether you'll be able to eat chilli again I'm afraid, sorry

best wishes



Hi Tas,

Kept meaning to post a reply to this thread and forgot... blame pred-addled brain! :-)

Just an idea: you say it was a homemade chilli, is it possible that you were chopping the chillis and then inadvertantly touched your eyes? That can produce the reaction you're describing, even if you wash your hands inbetween. It's not an allergic reaction, just a normal irritant response to the capsicum in the chillis.

I've done it myself and it's not pleasant, especially if you're a contact lens wearer...

Em H


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