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Chatting to peers


I have been having a tough time of it during the last year...but am on the up now, just in time for Christmas yey!! Having such brittle and unpredictable asthma is new to me and it would be nice to talk to others who are/have been struggling to share experiences, maybe . Private message me and maybe we could add each other to facebook. Thanks xxx

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Can I advise you to remove your email address from your message as you may attract unwanted attention. (As per Terms & Conditions of this web site)



Kate below is right, I would always recommend that you get to know people via this message board first before you start inviting personal emails. I am the person who currently writes the blog publicised on the home page. So if you want to chat feel free either via this message board or facebook.

Cheers Katina


Thanks for the tip guys! xx


Yes you have to be a bit careful but there are some great folk on here and between us we have loads of experience (unfortunately!). I have made some nice friends on here and they have been very supportive. xx


hi,welcome to AUK.Nice to to know you.Becareful with email as weve had a few people on here who were taken off and not who they say they are.Take care and welcome xxx


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