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weight gain

Hello, As anyone put on a lot of weight since having asthma, for instance prior to 2007 when first diagnosed and still working, my weight was a around 14st, now i am 18 st and have been up to 19st+.

I also notice the seritide 250 now now states weight gain as a side effect.

A few short years ago i was a very healthy eater, but now i crave junk food and do not eat such an healthy diet,

For instance everyday i would eat oats soaked in orange juice, apples tomatoes, lettuce a small peice of meat, rice, pasta, olive oil, onions etc.etc., now i cannot touch orange juice as it causes acid and reflux.

Same thing with apples, sick to death of bananas, i used to make a lot of homemade curries and chilli con carnes, tajines, chinese stir fries etc, but any hint of chilli or pepper has my stomach doing acid and reflux dancing and food without flavour is not worth eating.

So now i eat on impluse, buying junk more often than not.

Exercise is limited to a 1 mile most days, which leaves me totally exhausted and with the old tight and burning chest.

Any advice please, i am pretty desperate to loose weight.

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