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Sensible advice please!

Hello, i have been suffering with the asthma for just 3 years, mine according to my GP, Consultant, Asthma Clinic Nurse and Private Specialist, are all agreed, it is work related.

My employers have yet to admit full liability and often retract and contradict what as been previously been stated. These people have never contacted me by email, letter,phone or a let alone simple knock on my door.

Having now seen two private experts, who both offer contradicting evidence to causeation.

I find this situation cause's me stress and anxiety and often leads to severe attacks.

My home is also invaded by cigarette smoke from next door(shared landing) and my landlords suggest i move, i have lived in my home for 10 years, the neighbour less than 6 months.

Basically i feel close to the edge and have these over wheleming feelings of self doubt and bouts of deep depression, which increase dramatically everytime i receive a letter or message from my solicitor or bad news in general.

So if anyone can offer grounded advice great, as it is not sympathy i am looking for.


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I know your circumstances are difficult but the only advice I would give you is to try and focus on the here and now not on the what if's. Try to do stuff like puzzles or craft or something to help you focus on something other than the problems you face.

You may also find that if you get to a place where, within yourself, that there are things that are out of your control and can except that you have no control over them. You may find that it ease your mood and depression.

Have you tried talking to your neighbour about the amount of smoke. Not in a way that puts you in danger of attack but maybe passing on another landing or in street. Strike up a friendly approach to them and then venture into telling them that you have the asthma problems. It's always easier to get your point across when on friendly terms rather than them feeling harassed by landlord. Look at the way he treated you, he has probably treated them the same.

Hope this is of any use to you. I hope you find comfort in your life and will keep you in my thoughts.



Hi Mal5050

If it is work related have you had your union in to help get your job alterd to

commadate your job and needs,as they should under the DDA.

Your union will help and HR also.

If they can not find you a safe job where you work and want to finish you,

they then should pay you off if union and HR agree.

Sorry you feel so down ,it could be steroids that can couse the mood swingsand

also the stress with whats going on.

I have been in the same situation and got my union in and HR,My union did it all

and took all the presure of me and Im still doing my job I love.

hope everything works out for you and mention to your gp your mood swings ,its a

normal reaction to stress and he might give you something till you feel back to normal.

lots of love me any time xxx


With regard to smoke on the landing, is there a window on the landing (or in the vicinity) that you can open to let smoke out? Neighbour must be smoking a lot inside his/her flat for it to come onto landing. Would have thought landlord had some duty of care in this matter. Good luck and I hope you get the matter resolved.


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