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Maybe i am not getting this right??

Hello, so here is my story...I have a two year old who has lots of allergies, dairy, egg, nuts, animal hair, hayfever, to name but a few and we are still learning! He carries an epipen because he had an annaphylaxsis last november. He also excema and was diagnosed wth asthma last month after a bee sting which he had quite a bad reaction too He went on to end up in hospital for five days on iv salbutamol constant nebs etc. We have been home 3 weeks now and i feel he is still not that great.

He has been wheezy requiring his ventolin often and more often in the last week (10 puffs 4 hourly). We are trying to establish if there is something in the house or in the surrounding area that is making him wheezy. Also since friday he has had a nasty cough. So last night he was requiring 10 puffs three hourly so we took him to a/e as it was quite late. In a/e on listening to his chest they did a chest xray and gave him nebs and moved us to childrens assssment. He really picked up after the nebs and sounded great! When he was then reviewed by the peads registrar four hours later he gave him a course of oral steriods and basically told me that my story did not match the child he was seeng in front of him. I felt like he was saying i was making the whole thing up. I tried to explain all summer we have been using the ventolin inhaler as so many things set him off eg grass cutting, warmer weather a we have just moved from scotland to portsmouth. Then there was the sting which really set off his chest. He wakes nearly every night with a cough. He started a steriod inhaler six weeks ago. He has become a very whingy child in recent weeks and naps lots which is not like him. I got quite upset and tearful as it was six am after being up all night. This has all been going on for weeks and weeks and i am exhausted which didnt help the tears coming. They sent us home anyway on the steriods and told me the athma nurse specialist would phone me since as i was so anxious which i dont feel i am but was very upset at the peads doctors comments going on about our spacer and inhaler technique if it was correct and if we are giving him the ventolin at the right times etc.

Now i wonder is it me am i getting it all wrong??? I know i am not imagining his wheeze neither is my husband or the nursery.....we cant all be getting it wrong can we???

So we are to see the asthma nurse specialist on monday and have a consultant appointment in december. I just want to see my son back to his old self and not feel like i m making this up. I realise after him being so poorly 3 weeks ago i am probably airing on the side of caution but childen can go down so quickly as i have learned.

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Dear Mrs G

I'm sorry to hear about your little boy and the tough time you are all having with his allergies and asthma. It might be an idea discuss you concerns with one of the Asthma UK adviceline nurses. Have you considered asking for a referral to a specialist paediatric allergy clinic, in view of the anaphylaxis and other allergies? The Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy UK also provide helplines and can advise you on the location of the nearest NHS paediatric allergy service and what waiting times are like.

Good Luck


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