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Hi, I'm new to this and to asthma so was just wondering if anyone can answer my question. Does caffine affect asthma symptoms? I find mine seems worse when I drink coffee but not so much when I drink de-caff so I'm now confused. If anyone can shed any light on this I would be grateful also am I the only one who gets the symptoms of asthma but no wheezing? Any answers would be good many thanx.

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welcome hope you find answers to all your questions.

I am also new to asthma was diagnosed just 2 weeks ago following several trips to Gp etc from nov last year. I also don't wheeze only on very odd occasion and you will find several others here the same.

Everyone is very helpful on this site so feel free to ask questions of those that are experts in asthma as they have lived with it for several years.

Once again welcome

Katharine x


Coffee and Choccie too!

Hello there Peeb's Mum-

Like it has been said, you will find much info on here about any questions you can think of!. No, you are not the only non wheezing asthmatic, although several Docs may need convincing on that one!

Thought I would quickly say, I too am a non coffe drinker because it sparks off my asthma, the stronger the coffee, the worse the symptoms. I cannot touch choccie either, although white is OK but ~ hvse so got into the habit of not eating eat!

Both Coffee and choccie contain Theobromides, which is the same family as caffeine, so you may be wise to to steer clear of Cola type of drinks, and BBQed food.

Ridiculously enough, mamy asthmatics find that the caffeine derivatives open their airways. Many of us are on a strong drug called Aminophylline which is another of the same family.

It doesn't explain why the drug can save my life, but coffee and choccie could put me in costa!

Hope this advice makes sense!


For some asthmatics on here coffee is a no-no because the caffeine affects a medication they are on (Theophylinne or Aminophylinne)!

Caffeine can push the blood levels of the drug up so many avoid it!

I'm lucky my levels are pathetically low (not lucky reallly) but I get to have as much caffeine as I want without side-effects!

But I know of asthmatics NOT on theo or amino who wheeze and go into spasm if they have any caffeine containing drink!

Welcome to the wonderful world of WEIRD asthma!

And not following the textbooks on HOW our asthma should behave!

Donna aka Wheezer!


Many thanx to all who replied I found it helpful. Can someone please answer this one, I looked at the chart on this site about symptoms to find that I don't fit into any of it really, I get symptoms most days and take my inhalers as prescribed but I don't get any symptoms at night at all any time I find it doesn't affect my sleep at all ever so does anyone else find this?



Coffee stimulant seems to give me a boost, but also blows up my stomach causing belching and pressure on the lungs by pushing up the diaphragm. Am i alone with this problem or as the doc says i am swallowing air by breathing in too much through the mouth So many ideas its confusing and uncomfortable. I will ask fellow sufferers. Thanks.


Hi peebs' mom

In general, I stay away from caffeine. Not because it makes my asthma worse, but because it makes me way too shaky, probably because my other meds already make me shake a lot. But it's definitely possible that it would make your symptoms worse.

It's definitely possible to be a non-wheezing asthmatic, many are. Like someone said, though, not all docs realize it.

As to whether or not it's normal not to have nighttime symptoms, why not? Nobody's asthma fits into those basic characteristics, I think.

Welcome to the boards, keep talking to us!

XX Brynne



This is my first post (*dances* hello everyone) anyhow caffeine has a positive effect on my asthma. In my personal experience a dosgae of 250mg-500mg prior to exercise helps greatly. This review of an paper on caffeine and asthma concludes that it is beneficial: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/que...

Theres lots of similiar info on google

As mentioned caffeine raises blood pressure and may not mix well with your other meds. But for me, caffeine is a must before exercise! I take caffeine pills which are available from most health shops.


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