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Help needed! Please read!!

Hello, we are a group of postgraduate students carrying

out a small study about how people use health websites

such as this one. We are looking for participants aged 16

years or over to answer our questions by email. There

will be around 12 questions that can be answered at times

convenient to you. Your personal details will be kept

confidential to the research group, with only anonymised

summaries made available to others.

If you’re interested and would like to participate, please

email us on


Ali, Anna, Caroline, Claire and Lucy

4 Replies

Happy to help, i have emailed you my details.

Andrea xxx


I have also passed on my details as I am very happy to help with this. Happy New Year everyone!x


Happy new year everyone! I would

really like to help


Am happy to help if can details on way.

kath x


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