my 9 yr old girl anya has had asthma since she was nine months old, and coped really well with it. until two weeks ago she had a virus, very high temp , being sick and a bit of a cough!!! last weekend the cough got much worse went back two the docs he gave her QVAR twice a day!! that was monday, shes still no better 2day. her peak flow is around 140, shes still coughing, the wheezing his getting much worse. i really dont know what 2 do!!!!!

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  • sounds like she could do with been looked at by a&e hun asap

  • With a peak flow of 140 i would take her to A&E!

  • wheezing

    Don't worry, if the meds are not working and she worse take her to hospital they will sort her and help you too. take care


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