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'Comfort' food

When I am feeling ropey, during and following asthma attacks etc I always seem to want to eat and drink certain things.

I always seem to want to eat pizza and to snack on kit kats and custard creams, not always together lol.

Also seem to drink lots of oasis fruit juice.

Anybody else get these urges / comfort foods (or is it just me) and if so what are yours ?

Anybody know of a pizza delivery place in Grimsby open at 10.45am lol ?


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fellow oasis drinker haha i live on them every day nearly.

I always want fizzy or gummy sweets to chew on but dont like eating meals its to hard work

and puffes me out .x


I always fancy salt & vinegar twirls & jelly babies when I'm like that!



Where do I start?? get so hungry on preds. Scour the cupboards for cake, sweets, chocs. Also love fizzy drinks. All bad for me....


I love food, but go off it when on pred.I starve myself as it makes me feel sick.Dont think all the nebs help either.Just put weight on so well p*ssed off on another course of pred.grrrrrr


Well last night it was half a packet of choccy biccys, but that was probably down to FB annoying me. But you are not alone, some days I can be like the monster off the Chewits Advert, you know the one where he ate the Baron in Furness Bus Depot LOL OMG!


I find that before and during a flare-up, I just crave chocolate and Relentless energy drinks. Not the healthiest diet, but as at that point I don't get a lot of sleep, well just lately sleep has been one of those rare and hard to come by things, I just need the caffiene and sugar to keep me going


I always want McDonalds chicken nuggets when I'm poorly or recovering from any kind of illness, although there is some debate as to whether it actually counts as food, lol! =D


I know when an attack is calming as I get really really hungry.

Buttered toast with mugs of tea (+ brandy to help calm the airways) is my favourite!

: )


well i normally get bad reflux/ heart burn, certainly lately!! so havent been eating all that great and losng weight (which is great for dieting, when pred normally causing wiehgt gain!) but i crave custard, devon custard pots :S weird i know!! crave them like crazy lol. go through bucket loads of them! only when i am too breathless, etc it takes me a while to get through them, but then i get to savour each mouthful :)


It's interesting because I developed major comfort food cravings the beginning of this week and now my asthma's bad - I'm wondering if I should add 'eating chocolate' to my plan of warning signs!!!

I'm currently working my way through - Mars bar, packet of jelly babies (heads first) and Oreo cookies all washed down with lots of soothing mugs of hot tea. :)


Jammie dodgers. Theyre my downfall. I guts my way through the full pack every time. I always feel better after though & at least ive weaned myself of wagon wheels :)

Drink loads of bottled water too, but that wont do me any harm will it :)



I like a macdonalds cheeseburger when im having a flare up and cnat get enough starbursts or galaxy chocolate! Not very healthy but i reckon its better for me than the hopsital food!


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