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Inhalers and fingers!

Wonder if someone can help me with a rather strange question...

I've managed to injure some of my fingers on my right hand (don't ask how!!!) - been to the hospital and am all bandaged up. I'm now having trouble using my MDI inhalers, particularly having the strength to push them down. Unfortunately I can't swap to my left hand as that whole side is already weak/uncoordinated from a head injury years ago.

Does anyone know if the dose varies depending on how hard/quickly you push? If I use them with spacers as I normally do anyway, am I still going to be getting a full dose even though it sounds like it's coming out slower? I normally wouldn't worry as I'm not going to be bandaged up too long though they've said it's going to be painful/weak for about 6 weeks, but my peak-flows are already a bit low, so I haven't got room for things dipping slightly if I'm not getting the right dose.

Any ideas appreciated :)

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Hi Ratty,

Ouch!! But perhaps a Haleraid might help? They come in two sizes, fit the A&H MDI inhalers (Ventolin, Flixotide, Serevent and Seretide) and work by squeezing. They aren't available on prescription, but are quite cheap.

""Haleraid® (A&H) Preparations not available for NHS prescription

Inhalation aid, device to place over pressurised (aerosol) inhalers to aid when strength in hands is impaired (e.g. in arthritis). For use with Flixotide®, Seretide®, Serevent®, and Ventolin® inhalers. Available as Haleraid®-120 for 120-dose inhalers and Haleraid®-200 for 200-dose inhalers, net price = 80p""

... pasted from the BNF

Get well soon :),



I was going to suggest the self same thing.


Thanks, looks like it might be an idea. I can sort of manage using both hands together (obviously using a spacer because the timing's a bit awkward!), I might see how it goes as I get de-bandaged next week anyway, I'll see how strong my fingers are then.


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