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I don't know if this applies to anyone else here but I thought I would draw it to your attention in case it is useful to you or others you know.

A new service has just been launched on a trial basis allowing individuals with communication difficulties to contact the emergency services by text from a standard mobile phone with the same priority as a 999 phone call. This could literally be a life-saver. Some individuals have access to text-phones but would not have these when out and about and others, myself included, do not have text phones and rely on others to contact the emergency services which can be very difficult when you are struggling to make yourself understood.

Details and registration details are here:

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Has anyone tried this.... I have just signed up and a tad concerned it dosn't work!


Emergency contacts

Does the system cover the whole country? and is it just for certain conditions? My brother is deaf and has communication problems along with other health issues so we are always on the look out for ways to make his life easier. Would be interested to know if it does work, main problem is he has a hearing dog which isn't a problem for him but can be for others.

I hope you don't have to try it to soon but give us an update on what you think of it.

Take care



Bizkid - do you mean signing up was the problem or actually using the service? I had no problem signing up (although the instructions on the website were a bit contradictory) - I did it by clicking 'register', putting in my mobile number, I was send a text with terms and conditions, I had to reply to that with the word 'accept' then I was sent another text saying I was registered for the service. I did note that one mobile provider (can't remember which) hasn't signed up to the scheme so might be worth checking whether it's the one you use.Rabbit - it's definitely aimed at deaf people although anyone with any communication difficulty who would have difficulty using a phone can register - I'm not deaf and they don't ask why you have a need to use the service.oh, and yes, it seems to cover the whole country although of course that would be dependent on having a mobile signal.


I've signed up, and yes the instructions contradicted themselves, but no problems. I do recall a similar method of sending SMS emergency request, but no registration is/was required, can't find it or remeber it now.


Theres a link througgh the RNID page to register if your deaf- I could have so done with that when i had to phone for an ambulance from my car-its hard enough remembering your address but when your out actually knowing where you are!!

Its an experiment through the RNID so the more deaf people that register ther better



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