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Stress and Asthma

Can someone explain to me how (as in what is physically happening) stress can make asthma worse?

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical to be told stress was a factor but looking at my peak flow diary over the last three weeks it's very clear (scarily so) that my asthma (well my peak flow) symptoms relate so clearly to periods of stress. Particularly at the moment my peak flow is far lower that it should be and I don't feel in control at all (don't worry - I'm off to the GP first thing tomorrow morning) - so there's obviously a link in my case but I wondered if someone could explain how that link works (I'm someone who needs to know everything, and I mean everything... :s). Thanks.

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hi ratty

I know this isnt an answer but i too would like to know this as im like you i need to know why things happen the way they do! Hopefully someone knowledgable in this will post with an answer soon. My housing situation is causing a lot of stress at the moment which in turn is affecting my peak flow etc. Take care and good luck! Xxx


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