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Xolair - Yippee!

I thought I'd post some really positive news :)

I've seen my consultant today following my 16 week trial of Xolair, and my lung function has improved dramatically and at the same time I've become far less symptomatic. They've agreed to keep me on the Xolair as it appears to be working. This is really good news as it's the first thing that appears to have really worked well for me and we've even talked about coming off the long-term Pred which would be fantastic although he did warn one step at a time and I may never be completely free of the Pred especially around stressful times, but for now this is fantastic news.

The positive sort of side-effect of the Xolair is that I have very limited hay-fever symptoms now whereas before I would have been almost confined to indoors when the pollen levels were high.

The real test will be this Autumn/winter first with the fungal spores then with the cold as they're my mega triggers which have had me in Costa regularly for the previous years. I'm hoping the Xolair helps with the spores as that's allergy based, but I don't know about the cold. Anyone got any experience of Xolair here?

Anyway, I just wanted to share the good news :)

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fantastic news for you,love Glynis xxx


That's great news ratty update the uni on treatment and symptoms the may lessen the restrictions they have with u.



Hi,, this is good news,, i have been on xolair for three years this yr and i call it the miracle drug as doctors told my mum there was nothing more they could do for me and they was not sure how long i had left,, however xolair came out around that time and they researched it and i was eligble,, after weeks of campaining for NICE To pay.. I was using wheelchair daily,, many admissions and always in bed

I put on 5st with pred in last 8 yrs and then when i started xolair i began taking low does of steroids and lost the 5st in a matter of months and now in three years i have had one minor admission,, not used my wheelchair and managed to study at college and get to university and live a life like other people,, dont get me wrong it is still a struggle on occasions as i am still on low pred but due to being on all these meds i get a lot of side effects and some things in my life are restricted but i count myself lucky as they are not as restriced as they wee before xolair.....

Really hope it works for you and others like it has for me



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