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What happens next?

Just a question because I've always put my trust in medical science that if I'm ill I'll see a doctor and they'll make things better, but it's not happening this time. I know that this is a bit of a self-indulgent post and some of you are much worse off, so I apologise for that.

Last time I saw my consultant (a few weeks back) he could see that I'm not 'right' (particularly with any exertion) but said there was nothing more to try medication wise and they would just keep a very close eye on me. OK, so I'm glad they acknowledge I'm having difficulties but where does it actually get me? (Told you this was going to be self-indulgent...) - the thread on weight loss/exercise has really got to me because I've had to make such changes to my lifestyle and I don't feel I'm 'me' anymore. Will things change - can I expect an improvement without a cause or is this it now? Can things go back to the way they were as suddenly as this all went wrong? What else (can anything else) be done?

Apologies again - feeling a bit down about all this :(

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What happens next

Hi Ratty, firstly, you have a self indulgent rant we all need it especially when we feel that we are getting nowhere and sometimes that no one is as desperate to find a solution. Why not try speaking to your highest ranking asthma nurse as I find these people are the most successful at helping me. I do understand what you ar e going through on friday (2nd) I had to go to my doctors as my chest was so bad I had tried to fight it yet again but failed she gave me a prescr for antibiotics and steroids as I had ran out I have allergies to some e numbers and food so had to be careful what tabs I take I landed in hosp last july due to this. My usual antibiotic was not in stock and no one local had them and no one wanted to help me. My husband went into one chemist told them what I was allergic to they looked through the ingredients gave me the antibiotics which I had 1 dose of then discovered they did have a colouring in I took them back to the chemist who looked again said oh yes It does contain that and then just walked off it took 4 and a half hours to get my steroid and I am collecting some antibiotics with no colouring in the morning. Which just goes to show somw people who we trust havent got a clue and dont want to put theirselves out,

I hope you feel better

good luck



Hi ratty,

I think this is there way of telling us that they dont actually know what they can do next, this might sound daft to you but why dont you try yoga its apparently brilliant unfortunately i live in the middle of nowhere and no yoga classes near me but when i move back to belfast it will be the first thing i do.

I have recently been put on nuelin and its only been a couple of days and apart from my asthma attack tonight because of below freezing weather i feel brilliant with them ok they make me sleepy for a bit and my stomach a bit upset but i can deal with it it only lasts a fortnight i was told and apparently they help lose weight :) hpe this helps and you have every reason to feel down. I was told i have depression and do you know what im convinced its because of my asthma and all the different medication and my life being ruled by doctors appointments consultants and stuff xxoxx


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