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Occupational Health Assessment for University

I'm a postgraduate student. My university have recently held a meeting to discuss me and my needs, involving my GP and others who support me. They've said I need to undergo an occupational health assessment before I engage in any external activities like going to seminars held at other universities because of my asthma and its unpredictability.

Has anyone else experienced this? What does it involve and what are the likely outcomes? Can they stop me from particular activities? I try so hard to be able to do the same as other students and not let my asthma affect me too much, so this has upset me a bit.

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Basically a case conference for u Ratty. Basically u tell them ur needs and triggers for your asthma. They try to match ur needs without exposure to the triggers. by having other people there it helps to highlight all risks. and the othrs can tell them how to manage the risk. It's the uni way of making sure they aren't responsible for making you worse


had to go OH 3 times.

Went on realy well,they realy do help you and make sure you get all the help

you need and make sure reasonable changes are made to acomadate your needs

and keep you safe and well/

good luck love Glynis xxx


Thanks both, that's very reassuring. I'm just so worried that they might tell me I can't do things I want to be able to do. I have to have so much support as it is, I sometimes feel a bit smothered and just want to be independent and be able to do everything by myself.


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